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We at Bajoron Know Fawns!

It is our quest in this page to lay to rest concerns that "other breeders" have put out on the net to scare away people who want a fawn Bouvier.

We have been reading a facebook pages that have statements that are meant to give a new buyer that wants a fawn Bouvier pause for concern. Other breeders upon being called also utter statments to the buyer that are scary and make the buyer think that if they buy a fawn or purchase a fawn from a person who breeds fawn to fawn that they will be getting an inferior dog.

Again, Certain Breeders try say that breeding a fawn Bouvier to a fawn Bouvier can cause problems, we are here to answer those questions you may have about this "myth" (yes it is a myth). We have addressed those concerns with logic and a level headed approach to those allegations.

Let's start.

The women and some men, that try to place fear in their buyers, may be long time Bouvier fanciers, however they are NOT experts in color genetics. While you may believe that they know a great deal about the breed, you will find that they do not breed fawn to fawn and thus, do not know the nature of their fears and what makes their fears unreasonable. Within the breed there are myths that are perpetuated. The statements are made, but the scientific evidence behind those statements are non existent.

Not only have we queried vets, universities, and even other fawn breeders, we have spoken to experts in the field of DNA on what is possible within the color world of dogs. Many researchers have helped us to debunct these unreasonable myths.

Let's quote the Lady's article:

XXX mar Des Flandres-
"Back Yard Breeders have found a new “in” thing. Dilute pups. Dilute pups are mainly Blue, Blue brindle and Fawn pups. As long as there is a high demand for a certain type or colour of dogs, these breeders will exploit this as much as they can."

Now what is even more ironic is that even though many breeders profess that a dark and a light dog make the best pignmented fawns, or a dark and a dark make a beautiful fawn; We have found that this is absolutely NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!!!! We have seen fawns at shows that are from a two dark dogs or are parented from a light and a dark and these dog. These dogs hailed to posses a darker richer pigmented coat simply do not prove that they are better in pigment than a dog made from two fawns.

Note the visual below:

The dogs on the top row have parents that are both fawn. Note how dark the pigments appear. NO photo shop was used to make them red or with more pigment these photos are as they were taken. The dogs On the lower row come from either two dark dogs or a dark and a light dog! These dogs are much lighter and one is even white in appearance. There for it is a myth that two fawns make a white dog. If a breeder chooses well for color two fawns can create more pigment in a fawn that darker dogs are able to!

the darkest dogs are from two fawn parents

A group of fawn breeders got together and identified a Research Lab at UC Davis that deals in what the women referr to about as "dilute". We asked them if the Bouvier held any dangers in terms of fawn dogs and specifically if fawn bred to fawn was of any concern when genetics and dilute issues were concerned:

proof from the experts

This statement in this email, could not be any more false. Dogs are either black or brown, and Fawn is not a dilute as stated by Vet Gen. No one is exploiting fawns. . . .we love them and we own them just like YOU do. We know there are others that like them as well, thus we share this love of the fawn. Fawn Bouviers are very special.

Dogs with black noses when fully grown have pigment; there is nothing that is abhorrent or inferior to the color.

As for the health issue, fawns are not less healthy than a black or brindle as well. In fact many of the health issues that have been found in Bouviers are more prevalent in the darks than the lights. While it is true that random illness can crop up in any dog, generally then pedigrees that yield a high occurrence of illness are from black and brindle pedigree lines and families of dogs. Below is from Vet Gen that states there are no problems with fawns and color.

The interesting thing is this (we read this on FAWN Bouviers Facebook page) and it does make sense. These Breeders that are willing to slander and liable the good reputation of Fawn Breeders can't really speak to what breeding fawn to fawn produces. They don't even have one spec of scientific evidence to back up their claims.

We that do breed fawn to fawn. We would not do it if the dogs we produced were not quality and wonderful dogs. We know what fawn produces. We even have a very complex idea of the genetic probability of breeding dogs who possess fawn and are black to a dog that is fawn. We understand why when you breed two fawns, YOU DO NOT GET A WHITE DOG. YOU DO NOT MAKE A SICK DOG, NOR DO YOU RUIN THE BREED.

Our frequency of breeding fawn to fawn and our historical studies of the breed tell us what is probable. A good breeder of Bouviers should know what WE know if they paid attention.

Why don't they breed fawn to fawn? When we first obtained Bouviers years and years ago, a Breeder who was well thought of said to us, "YOU NEVER BREED A FAWN TO A FAWN."
"Don't breed fawn to fawn, you will get white." Having taken Bio and understanding genetics, we did not see the logic in this statement. Because it has been so stated so many times over the years, it turned in to fact without one shred of science behind the statment.

When your dodgs hold two recessive fawns, the dogs produced can be fawn and so it is hard to get rid of the possibility that a fawn will erupt IF BOTH DOGS HOLD THE RECESSIVE FAWN. Europeans used to take fawn dogs and breed them back to blacks or dark brindles, or sterilize them so they could not produce fawn. . . .OR WORSE!

Breeders were scared that their reputations will be ruined if bucked the system and what was told to them. It is a bullying tactic and has been quite effective over the years. Imagine if the explorers who discovered the Americas had believed what they have been told about the Earth being flat!

On many websites the the country of origin says that breeding fawn to fawn is unacceptable. No evidence, logical reason or anecdotal evidence offered as proof that this statement is justified. Just statements like when your mother told you to stay out of the swimming pool water for 30 minutes after eating. Actually it was a ploy to give your mom some relaxation. We believe the fawn myths have a more sinister reason and that is to eradicate the fawn dogs. For whatever reason the Old school European Bouvier fanciers wanted to rid the breed of fawns, but many lovers kept it going.

Just like a bad illness and a bad genes, genetics of illness are in all our Bouviers. It is important that mentors hand on the truth of what lines hold what possibilities. Rumor and conjecture are not appropriate modes of History in this arena.

and yet another hateful quote from a Facebook web post:

"This article in my mind, brings focus to the fact that people are breeding trying to fill a niche market , which means they'll have puppies hand over fist trying to make some $$ regardless of potential health issues. Of course they'll breed what ever in any color so long as the demand is there, but special colors ? Aren't they easier to sell and probably for more $$ .. They aren't breeding to improve the breed in my mind, they're simply breeding for profit..
I hate to see Bouvier become a business for someone.. "

This quote could not be any more comical! No one makes money breeding any color. While it is true there are puppy mills that do not health test, never show, and cut corners. This breeder does everything to ensure the well being and excellent production of quality dogs. This comment above reeks of jealousy and it is obvious that they do not realize that a quality fawn does not bring any more money than a quality brindle or black. All colors have their admirers and fawn is pretty but many people ask for dark dogs as well.

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