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January 2018


May 2017

Something worth writing about. While we do sell puppies that go to show homes and do quite well we also realize that showing is not all that and a bag of chips.

Just this month April 2017 in Oklahoma not one but two dogs present distemper to the rest of the participants in active communicable cases of the virus. We are not going to go in to the symptoms you can investigate this for your self. The point that we will make is that

1 any person who refrains from giving their dogs shots that will prevent others form having a
horrible problem with their puppies who may get the disease from these infected individuals is the worst sort of person!
While there is a shot for this, if you have young puppies, visit a show and bring this back to your unvaccinated dogs it can develope in to a dangerous situation.

2 Yet another person had their dogs attendign and participating with Kennel Cough and this too is a situation tha puts older dogs and younger dogs in peril. with a shot dogs can still contract this virus. IF YOU HAVE A DOG GET ITS SHOT. IF YOU HAVE A SICK DOG STAY HOME!!!!

May 2017


What is a kennel major? Let’s investigate the show arena and try to tell you what is wrong with showing. While showing is a good outlet for you and your dog you do need to make sure you surround yourself by not that many dogs. don't set up inside if you can help it. Dogs get illnesses and your dog will be no exception if exposed to the above illnesses. Provided you have your shots you may stay healthy but it is a matter of time before you come down with some pesky hard to irradiate diarrhea.
Next the kennel major. If you can go online to the, foy , or google dog show superintendents. Go to your breed and hit results. Start to notice whose name is the dog made out to?
If all the dogs were Bajorons then it is a kennel major. If I win, that is no great accomplishment as I was the only kennel that had dogs in the game. Even putting one other dog and me winning with 5 or more of my own dogs is considered a kennel major. If a rainy day comes and you find yourself wanting to do some research, start to go online and see what kennels are guilty of this. They then put on their website the winner as though it were a badge of merit when in fact one of their dogs would win but YOU the reader were not aware that they were the only participants.
If you want to see how this works go to their website and check out the dogs with titles and go to the net and type in show results for that specific dog you may see a pattern that is disturbing at best.  We could point out a kennel for you but that would spoil your fun. Stick to the Midwest to start.
Another fine point is who if they don’t use a kennel major . . .who uses professional handlers the majority if not all the time? While an championship is nice, under a professional is not fair playing field at all. We have seen a very nice dog with their owner/breeder/ handler goes up against a lesser dog and lose but the same dog win with a professional. Is this happenstance? We think not.
We have even spoken to a very prominent judge who has judged and won Westminster say that the bouvier he put up was not the best but had a certain handler and a certain show reputation so they chose that dog. Never mind he thought the dog was not the best. That alone told us our theory was correct if not all the dogs we see in the ring with this dog lose to it but should have won!

We could go on and on for hours telling you how to determine the pedigree and the history of each dog you saw in the ring and their parentage back 15 generations but that is for another column.





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