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Are you looking for a great Bouvier? Look no further, you found Bajoron Bouviers!  Discover what experience, knowledge, quality and 40 years in the breed has to offer!  Join in the passion that Bajorons has for this beautiful breed.  You have landed on the source for all things Bouvier des Flandres!
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We have enough reservations for our litters to come and will reopen when we see what we have on the ground.
If you would like to put in an application and we can call you when we start reserving again you may do so. . . . . . do not delay they fill fast!


Why choose Bajorons?

Our passion for the breed spans over 40 years. Our knowledge of the breed gives us the ability to make decisions that many can't possibly address in their choices for a sire and a dam for puppies. We built this website to inform you the buyer about us and what we are about. You will see claims on other sites that have been copied directly from our philosphy and practices. While they may say they are going to do the same for you, they are not totally aware of our service to you and the puppies.

Even breeders we have mentored decided to ignore our warnings of how to choose healthy sires for their females. They ignored the fact that using a dog that holds the same ancestors multiple times is high priced gambling! YOU are dissappointed and not happy with a dog that falls ill.

We have taught others to breed. However these individuals see others winning in the dog show ring, they seek to take the quick route to winning. They leave behind the warnings they were taught.While it saddens us to see this happen, you can't make someone listen. Short cuts do not work.

Throwing the dice is not our style. We do our homework and research each and every dog in our program. We want puppies who not only are good structural dogs, but dogs that carry a healthy background with good temperament!

Please read our philosphy on our ABOUT US page to learn more. This site is filled with many photos and ideas that simply can't be duplicated in practice.

Note the date below indicates that it is updated. Each time updated, the date is changed. Our puppy availability page is current. It is not off by a month or even a day or hour! We make sure that if you are looking for a dog, you know where we are in the planning, or implementation stages. You may email us to find out if you are a good fit for a Bajoron dog. You may be surprised to know that there is a Bajoron Dog in your Town! Our owners are happy and usually have two to three of our dogs! Bajorons believes that Bajoron's philosophy is different. This fresh approach can offer the experience you desire.
Make it a treasure hunt to find the update! Bajoron is honored that you came to visit.

The Bajoron Bouvier des Flandres Team!

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