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Bajor Groomed out

I have written "The Book of the Bouvier des Flandres", that runs through coat care and all the items that are considered "grooming", as well as all the aspects of life with a Bouvier.The publication is almost complete.When complete, I will offer it on the web to the public. Editing and final photos and drawings are being worked on. We are planning on how large our first edition should be.

The grooming portion is available alone for 55 dollars (Includes shipping). It lists the utensils and the grooming that you need for a show cut. I have drawn many pictures that will help you to understand the shapes and the way we groom the Bouvier des Flandres. There are photos as well as drawings that guide you through the process.

Grooming your Bouvier is an ongoing learning process.

Each dog is special and requires a different approach. Each coat is different. Some are thicker, and some thin, some more harsh, and some softer than we would like. Some dogs groom themselves (not always the way you would like it) but all in all, you will find yourself with the dog at the groomers, or on your own table for an hour or more every other week. If not, knots will appear. It doesn't matter if you have a show or a companion dog, grooming is a necessary evil of the Bouv. LIke it or not you will have to comb out "packing" or shave the dog, and it takes time either way. The time you spend grooming is a time to bond and relax with your friend or showing companion.

Included in grooming is cutting or sanding nails, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and generally checking your dog for bumps, scrapes or other foreign objects that can be harmful to your buddy.

Spend time with your dog and get a table, it will keep your dog from having to visit the groomer, and it will save you money. PS you won't have to spend money on gas driving to and from the groomer either!!!!!

If you want a grooming primer, e-mail me. Or have a go at it yourself.

For your first lesson, here is a butt cut and a head cut primer :

butt trim

head trim

For now, look at lots of photos. Decide what you want and dive in. Remember it always grows back! If you would like the book; please e-mail and send 55 dollars to us. We will gladly send you a soft bound, that is hand signed.
We are very close to a full production book that will be available via the net. Stay posted as we are excited by this. Our editor is working very hard to complete the process of correcting typos and any mistakes we can find. Stay tuned!

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