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Please click on one of these
names to see each happy puppy's story! Our puppy owners want you to know how satisfied they are. We try very hard to make owning a Bajoron Puppy the best experience ever! You reap the benefit of our research into pedigrees, temperaments and the past health of our dogs ancestors. We do not breed for just beauty, we want the whole package that a family can life with!I have included an endorsement for the grooming book I have illustrated and written too!
If you are still nervous about purhcasing a puppy wihout meeting us in person, we can arrange a face to fact via web cam, you can meet us as a show or you can come by providing we do not have new puppies. We do not like to have people come in to see new puppies because of diseases that the puppies can catch from visitors. we also can provide references from our data base of buyers upon request. We can link you up via e-mail with a current owner of one of our dogs.We are members of the American Bouvier des Flandres Club, North American Bouvier des Flandres Club and The Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club as well as Foundation AKC Breeders of Merit.
We have a cluster map page where you can see the wide and successful placements of our puppies worldwide. While it is true that we have had four dogs returned to us in the last 35 years, I would say that is a great track record! Please feel free to write or call us today!

Heidi Gulden & Deezl 2016 Khalessi Gulden - Deezl 2016      
Heidi Khaleesi      

Adonis Troller and TAzor Cosi Woof Gang Amadeus Hood Louie Sutter Tumblin-Deezl 2015
Adonis Cosi WoofGang Louie Sutter
Allie Troller&Selleck 12 Bailey Cuivre & Boomer 11 Gephetto Chimay two Murphy
Allie Bailey two Gephetto Chimay Murphy
Geronimo Hannah and Thumper 2010 Louis Troller and Tazor Adonis Troller and Tazor 2011 Scooter 2 Chimay and Burley
Geronimo Louie Adonis Scooter 2 How we treat our customers
Bailey Cuivre & Boomer 2012 Ludavic Bella & hector 2012 Soma Cuivre & Boomer 2012 Rupert Bajor and yarek 2003 Ponca Bella and Hector 2012
Bailey Ludavic Soma Rupert Ponca
Archy Cuivre & Tazor 2011 Spartacus tr&Tazor 2011 Luigi two Layla Kase-Boomer 2011 Luigi three
Archy Spartacus Luigi two Layla Luigi 3
Koda Tayla Rubens Toby Romy
Deela and Jewel
Steve Grooming book Woof
Maurice update
Joey T&T2010
Bajorons Royal King Louie
Bea C&K 2010
Lucy two
Moto T7T 2010
Louis T&T 2010
Louis T & T two
Joey two Trudy T&Th 2010 Auggie Doggie T&T 2010 Crush Ursal and Thumper 2010 Tessa Cuivre&Koda 2010
Joey Two Trudy Auggie Crush Tessa
Scooter Mikiah and Thumper 2010 Ava Kase & Tazor 2010 Tirza Mikiah and Thumper 2010 Keevah Troller and Thumper 2010 Crush ursala and Thumper two 2010
Scooter Ava Tirza Keevah Crush Two
Haricot M&Th 2010 Buzz H&Cha 2007 Bea two Annie Bajor & Roadie 2004 Monster O&H 2010
Haricot Buzz Bea two Annie Monster
Monty aka Adonis Troller and Tazor 2011 Chronos Trolller and Tazor 2011 Chani Hector and Olive 2010 Luigi troller&tazor 2011 sexy rexy M-TH 2010
Monty aka Adonis Chronos Chani Luigi Rexy


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