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Over the years we have placed puppies all over and we have tried to mark them on our nationwide map. We have two in Mexico, one in Argentina, five in Canada. Shipping to Canada was not as bad, but the southern dogs had to be picked up by their potential owners or a representative. Customs wanted it that way.We have some people with whom we have lost contact and are not listed.
Our records for this started in 2000. Prior to that we do not have the locations plotted. In the large metro areas close to us, Saint Louis and Chicago some dots represent multiple dogs as we just did not have the space to indicate each dog placed in that area. We just thought it would be fun for you to see how wide spread our dogs are.Note we added our Alaska dog and our Argentinian Dog placements.
We updated July 2017 and added new Bajoron Puppies!


July 2017

October 2012 update Argentina
Mexico map jan 2011

The history of our cluster maps

Above is map that shows were all our visitors are coming from this is really fun to watch change on a daily basis.This map was Started December 2007

We recently had to change the device since it was outdated. the map that we took down was so full you could no longer see the United States and much of Europe. This makes us happy as we can see we are reaching many people and teaching them about Bouviers!


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