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AKC Champion Bajorons Boom Boom Out Go the Lights AM CGC NDD
Its good to be King!

On mild Day in January Remy and his sidekick rolled in to town to add a new friend to the herd. It was a good visit although the stress of the trip seemed to get to Remy's little friend Chyna. The first day was expected to be Remy's day since he had won well under the judge in Ohio. However his little stressed friend took the honors and got her first three point major!
Feeling like it was not his day, he went back to the hotel to regroup, rest and get some much needed sleep.

Lynn took copious amounts of photos as always. She wanted to see her boy show no matter the outcome no matter the situation. Again she trekked to the show sight which was to say the least gross! Nothing like getting your dog all cleaned up only to wallow in horse $#!T. The smells were very strong in the grooming area.

The second day woudl prove to provide that ONE major needed and so we are proud to announce that Bajorons Boom Boom Out Go the Lights aka, Remy is now an AKC Champion!


all in a days win
International Champion Boom Boom out go the Lights!
Remy easily obtained his International Title and was even chose for group till the judge realized there were only three places unlike AKC. But we are proud none the less!
Remy goes Breed another great point!
Remy wins Best of Breed for yet more points! We are so very proud of this excellent dog!
walker and the Lone Star Classic 2014
We dont' have the photo yet, we do have the confirmation from the AKC. At the Lone Star classic under a tough competittion two majors were had! Along side Walker as he finished his championship was his nephew Jazz. To explain the family relationship, Hector is Jazz's dad, Bella is Jazz's Mom. Cuivre is Walker's Mom and Koda is Walker's Dad. Hector and Koda are Brothers same mom and same dad. Cuivres Brother is Bella's dad, and so he is both a nephew and a great nephew twice. Make sense? And thus the Bajoron Team was well represented at the Lone Star Classic. Congratulations to Walker, Jim and Kandy on the Championship being handled by Owner! That is an accomplishment against the professionals. Again you gotta love it!
Rycca wins another show!
Rycca goes Best of Winners over a Champion Bitch from classes. What a beautiful bitch. Hopefully she will join the ranks with her sister Porsche as an AKC champion!
Lynn and Tumblin' are playing at the show. We had a great day. Tumblin' is a dog that has a wonderful personality and so much charm. Her athleticism is unprecedented. We have never had a Bouvier so agile. . .EVER!
almost there

Bajorons Rockin' Rollin" N Tumblin'

now this dog has grace and style like no other. we are very proud of her accomplishments!
We were so proud of Jazz and Bea at the Specialty. He has really blossomed into a beautiful dog that shows so well. He is very nice and has made Bajoron Proud.
The Specialty was unfortunately a long week that was spent at work and not at the show. For this reason we were not able to show. However we were well represented with Jazz attending and doing quite well. Maybe when we retire we can attend these shows that are during a work week.
Jazz looking fine
Its great to be King! It is good to be King!
Wow May 6th, 7th & 8th, 2011 Luka gets two majors and
Finishes to get his Championship at the Purina Cluster show.
This boy was finished both with handlers and with a owner handler at the helm. Luka is a beautiful boy excellent temperament and the best pedigree ever. Thank you so much Jena, Brent and Luka for sticking with it.

News flash

Porsche finished, Luka finished, Bea finished!
The Bajoron Team
moves up again. Form follows function and a dog that can herd can produce
show dogs! Having a title at both ends is possible.
Note Rycca is winning, Troller is getting points,
Jazz and Walker are showing his heart out.
Soon there will be couple more dogs showing as they come of age.
Showing is a great day out and fun to spend it with your dogs!

Team Bajoron has another great weekend.

please continue to scroll down. . . .you won't be sorry these are fantastic shots!

Luka is finished!!!!!!!!!!! May 2011

Luka Winners
Luka goes Winners dog for more points!
Troller goes BOW again what a wonderful dog to show and watch
Maturity has given Troller Style and grace. She and Greg are a joy to watch in the ring. She moves with an easy and rhythmic gate. Never nervous never jumpy always the lady in charge. This bitch is truly a joy for Bajoron. Her coat a rich red to cream, and extremely harsh. The pigment in her eyes and face are extremely dark. No hints of a saddle or bi-color in this fawn. Correct in all aspects of what is Bouvier. Her temperament is fearless and yet playful with her friends. We are very proud of her!
Troller at Belleville Winners Bitch

Troller goes Winners for another set of points! Wow what a banner month for our Girl.


Belleville 2010 december BOW Best of Opposite Cuivre goes Best of Winners and was also about to go Breed until the judge saw there was a special lurking!

Troller at the show
Greg and Troller had a great day at the show. Adding another point, and being great liasons for dog showing and the Bouvier breed. Troller is a clown and enjoys every minute of being in the public with her best friend.
Cuivre examined one

Our newest International Champion

Bluegrass Bajorons Movin' N Shaken'

Excellent ratings and one comment made us so proud,

"Your dogs have style, possess breed type that is conformation correct. You present an impressive dog. Your program is working!".

-Don Jones

Troller wins winners Bitch more points for our Beautiful Girl! Troller Takes Winners for more points at Belleville! She still loves the ring and it was fun to watch as Greg and she showed off for the crowd!
"Wonderful Breed Type!" The comments were flattering.
being examined Don Jones Style Are you watching me
Examination was extensive looking for an audience!
take a look at me stacked
"Dark Eye and Good Spirit" "Cobby and powerful"- L.Betts

Troller BOW major
Moving Out
Troller Winning
Thumper winning a major!
fran with Troller
Troller with Julie Foster
Bajor 2003
Troller with Fran at Lake St. Louis, St. Charles Kennel Club
Troller moves out with Julie Foster
2003 Specialty Bajor
troller stacked
hot day bad judge
julie moving Troller
Troller out and back
Watch out for tent pegs!
Moving out
Troller moving out
Genug finishing
Genug in Columbia
2003 Specialty
Lynn and Troller
Genug Finishing at Purina Farms
Genug Gaiting in Columbia, MO.
gaiting to please
Koda Purina
Luka three point major
Gaiting to please
Koda stacking
Luka Three Point major!
  Cuivre oh my
Luka Gaiting

gaiting Thumper

Are you lookin at me?
Luka gaiting
Thumper gaiting
stick the stack
getting ready
stretched out
Quietly waiting
Getting ready to move
Let me see those pearlies
movin out
let me see those teeth
a moment
Check out the gait
Teeth please
Are we ready?
Gaiting correctly butts
move move
Best of Breed and a few more points! December 2009!
Thumper is really enjoying the show. The comments from judges and participants are encouraging. He is powerful and seems to thrive on the attention. His coat is getting harsher each day and his muscles are bulking up. He is maturing nicely. We are slowly getting points. stack it up
I am so conformation correct!
stacked up
This boy is not showing, but we are so proud of his conformation rich cream color, and black beard! This what it is all about!
St Charles and he gets a point!
who me?
Greg and thump
Luka gets another point!
What me? Why not me?
Me and my shadow!
Stacked and ready
Cuivre and Lynn having a great time at the show!
stacked up and ready to be reviewed
Out and back for the judge!
The line up
The Group line up was very impressive!
Rycca BOW


Congratulations on your Best of Winners at the Burbank Show!
Just looking at your picture it is obvious why you are the best there is!

reach Oh my gosh she did it again!
Thumper is International Champion! OH MY BEA does it again!!!!!!
Porsche' Jazz taking it by storm
Porshe' has also won in Tennessee! These two girls are taking the US by storm! JAZZ goes winners in Texas taking the south by storm!
Bea! Rycca

Super Duper News Flash, Bea goes second place at the ABdFC National Specialty in Sweeps, October 25, 2010!

Bea Update. . . January 23rd she takes a major , and goes breed. We are so proud!

News Flash, Rycca goes winners at the Santa Clara show October 2010!

Rycca gets more points on January 22nd in California. Wow are buttons are popping off!
This is so exciting to watch our puppies take off and do well!

finished yes indeed HOW TO UNDERSTAND DOG SHOWS
Jena has the photo to prove it! Our beautiful Luka has finished and is now an AKC champion. Thank you so much Jena and Brent for sticking with it and to Luka for putting up with all that primping! He had a great weekend at Purina, getting 2 points, 4 point major and a 3 point major to complete his championship!


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