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This bitch has earned the prescribed amount of points that she needs to be considered a Registry of Merit Dog.
Though it is true that grand get and great grand get do not add to the points of a Registry of Merit Dog or Bitch, it shows just how a quality dog can change the pedigree for the better for years to come.
Bajor has many grand get hat are poising themselves to finish as well as four more grand get showing. She truly has changed the breed.

See below the list of dogs, for the program outline as laid out on the ABdFC website and by laws.
(all this information is public informaiton and obtained through various AKC and Bouvier des Flandres Club web pages)

To Date Bajor has 60 champion points for her ROM

The list of Champion Get: 60 points total for Bajor and her ROM Qualification:
Ch Bajorons Rubens 10 points
Ch Bajorons Enuf is Enuf 10 points
Ch Bajorons Lady of the Lake 10 points
Ch Bajorons Milagro de Heaven 10 points
Ch Tekhoes Spirit of Bajorons 10 points
Ch Bajorons Surrogate Warrior CGC 10 points

The LIst of Champion Grand Get:
CH ReidSan'Calypso Spirit CGC Certified Therapy dog CD
CH Fado Spirit Sensa of Reidsan 10 points

Rose's Road Warrior CD,CGC,RA,RN

Ch Bajorons Stunning Tazer
Ch Bajorons Ames to be a Seductress
Ch Bajorons Lil Porsche
Am Ch Nash Hawk Spirit senda vd Reidsan

Ch Phineas Rex of Sensa of Reidsan
Ch Optimus Maximus of Sensa vd Reidsan

Great grand get:
Ch Reidsan Troy of Dallas Spirit

Ch Reidsan Spirit of Troy

Showing lately:
Bajorons Marquis de Kismet
Bajorons Shock Therapy
Bajorons First at the Finish
Bajorons Rycca
Bajorons Packer
Bajorons Jazz Man De Mon Couer
Ludwig vd Sensa Spirit Reidsan
Nash Hank Spirit Sensa vd Reidsan

Bajorons Cl Ame to F Ame
Bajorons Ames to Roam
Bajoron Ames to Bella Czyganka
Fado Spirit Sensa of Reidsan

We are proud of her and her abilty to pass on her great pedigree for her get and her grand get.




The Register of Merit (ROM) Program recognizes those Bouviers des Flandres that have had an impact on Bouviers in America. By recognizing the contributions of notable sires and dams, the ROM Program will be a resource of information for breeders in their quest to produce the exceptional dog envisioned in our standard of excellence. It will also show all interested persons as to the top producers that have influenced American dogs.


Points are accredited to dogs and bitches for AKC titles (as published in the AKC Awards magazine) earned by their get. Dogs and bitches meeting the outlined requirements are recognized by the American Bouvier des Flandres Club as achieving the designation of “Register of Merit” and are entitled to append the title “ROM” after their name.

The American Bouvier des Flandres Club each year will publish a "Register of Merit" listing of sires and dams recognized for ROM and their titled get and their ranking. Owners and/or breeders of the ROM dogs will be invited to submit a brief commentary, the pedigree and photos for the dog along with photos of titled get.


For recognition in the Register of Merit, a dog must:

a) Accumulate at least 100 points from titles of his get; and
b) Have points from AKC titles awarded to at least ten (10) individual get; and
c) Have at least five (5) get that are awarded the title of AKC Champion.

For recognition in the Register of Merit, a bitch must:

a) Accumulate at least 60 points from titles of her get; and
b) Have points from AKC titles awarded to at least four (4) individual get; and
c) Have at least two (2) get that are awarded the title of AKC Champion.


A dog or bitch offspring contributes ROM points to both his/her sire and dam by earning AKC titles according to the following schedule:

10 CH Champion
5 NA Novice Agility
10 OA Open Agility
15 AX Agility Excellent
20 MX Master Agility Excellent

5 NAJ Novice Jumpers with Weaves
10 OAJ Open Jumpers with Weaves
15 AXJ Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
20 MXJ Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
20 MACH Master Agility Champion
5 TD Tracking Dog
10 TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
10 VST Variable Surface Tracker
5 CD Companion Dog
10 CDX Companion Dog Excellent
15 UD Utility Dog
20 UDX Utility Dog Excellent
20 NOC National Obedience Champion
20 OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
5 HT Herding Tested
5 PT Pre-Trial Tested
10 HS Herding Started
15 HI Herding Intermediate
20 HX Herding Excellent
20 HC Herding Champion

R.O.M. Progeny

Progeny that achieve an ROM title themselves, contribute 10 points to both their sire and their dam.


a) The names and point standings will not be released until the Register of Merit has been published and made available for sale.
b) Periodic updates in the Dirty Beards will inform ABdFC members about new title holders and total ROM point standings.
c) A complimentary book will be given to every owner for the first time contribution of requested pictures and information. At the ROM Chairperson discretion to also give a complimentary copy to those individuals who have contributed pictures and information of the ROM dogs.


1. Compile ROM point totals from all get earning titles as listed in the AKC Awards magazine.
2. Provide a list of "new ROM title holders" and "lifetime ROM point totals" for publication in the Dirty Beards.
3. Send letters and certificates to owners of dogs that qualify for the ROM title.
4. Solicit pedigrees, information and pictures of dogs to be used in the ROM publication.
5. Be responsible for the compilation and printing of the ABdFC Register Of Merit publication.
6. Compile advertisements for the sale of the Register Of Merit publication.

*this information is as it is on the ABdFC webpage, rules reguarding Registry of Merit awards for the ABdFC club members. You may go to the links page to access the club's page. On the ABdFC webpage you will find many helpful and interesting facts and articles. Enjoy.

Bajoron worked on The Registry of Merit contributing contacts that we have accumulated over
the years as wel
l was finding pedigrees and completing work that needed to be done for the ROM book that came out a year ago.
Watch your ABdFC Dirty Beards for update information in this huge undertaking.

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