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Over the years we have placed Our Vet Services and who we use up on the net so that you the buyer can see the excellence we provide our puppies and adult dogs.

In 2011 Someone from the ABdFC (American Bouvier des Flandres Club) unethically called our vet to fraudulently obtain our health records on our dogs. They called and identified themselves as a buyer, but said they would like to know about our dogs health clearances and could they be sent to them electronically or physically? Our vet just like a medical doctor refused to grant them this wish.

In 2014 while the National Specialty was in Saint Louis at Purina, A representative from the ABdFC as he presented himself, came in and said he was looking for a Bouvier des Flandres puppy. When our vet said, "Yes they did have a client who bred Bouvier.", he said "Who is it?" They told him and he asked, "Could he see my health records on my dogs?" . Again this person was refused. The man ran out quickly and without giving a name (he just left his face and visual on the cameras at the clinic!)

It is for these two reasons we decided to remove our vet from the site. We have since switched vets because the vet we have found is more comprehensive than the first. We never thought that this was possible!

Trust us when we say, that we are very very conscientious about who we use to help us present the best and healthiest dogs possible. We do things that many other breeders do not do.

We were and are proud of our vets. We even have two vets in the family. What we are dissappointed about, is that the Membership (who ever made the decision to try to obtain information fraudulently) attempted to do so without our permission and under an umbrella of deceit.

In addition the same people tried and successfully obtained unpublished OFFA records fraudulently as well. It is for this reason we no longer list on OFFA website. It is not a secure entity for your information from what we have experienced.

We hold the security footage to that day and the number of the phone that called that day in 2011. If you need to see our health records we can furnish them for a puppy buyer that comes to our home and makes a deposit to buy a puppy.

Much like the day we furnished our health records in total to the ABdFC board of investigation for their perusal in our Hearing in 2011, they saw a complete and comprehensive group of all inclusive health testing records for every dog we have bred and have not bred. We are very serious about the need to health test but do not just use this method of vetting a dog for breeding as our guide to the dogs attributes. As illustrated in D Johnson's comments reguarding our presentation of our records, "You’ve come prepared we would like to compliment you as far as your presentation . . . it has been very helpful." As I left our meeting he pulled me aside and said, "He had never seen anyone so prepared and organized."

We are serious about our dogs and our history of what we do. I don't believe anyone has extensive of health records for dogs that we personally own both in our midst and in others care.

We apologize for not listing our vet but it is not fair to the vet for the ABdFC members to harrass our service givers and partners nor is it fair to us to pry in to our private records.





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