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BAJORON recieves so many nice comments in addition to our lovely extensive letters of endorsements we recieve. We are going to feature these letters so that you the public can view what the past puppy buyers think of us. We had never really thought to do this before but decided that notes are just as important at the extensive photo gallery and written endorsements we recieve as well.
Recently we have had "breeders" who don't like it that we post much of our information on the net; however we feel that it is important for you the public to see what we have and what we have produced. It can be intimidating buying off the net, but we want you to know that we have many happy buyers and that these notes are as real as they can be. We have taken the names off so the people who penned these notes can't be bothered by anyone. If you actually need to talk to a real person about their experience with us, we can provide this service for you. For those of you who were so kind to write, WE THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Beth Schultz

2017 Beth Schultz


Sorry for taking so long to send you an update. (When I picked-up Daks on July 11th i received a text as I exited the plane that my sister had stage 4 cancer - she passed away on November 2nd - and Daks was added some joy to her life and all the people who were at the Assisted Living Home where we moved my sister for the 112 days.)

As for the update on Daks. He is everything I'd hoped for and more. As I mentioned in our past correspondence, I connect with animals pretty good and the two of us have become tightly bonded even though Dorothy spends her time during the day trying to include herself in that bond. There's something about 9 hours of travel and a week or two of sleeping together that helped make a connection . Even when Daks is involved in other activities he takes time to look and see where I'm at. His constant push through my legs - forward and backward - has become a welcomed request for attention.

Everywhere we go I have to plan an extra 1/2 hour to allow for passerby's to stop and say what a handsome, pretty, or good looking dog he is and ask what his breed is - and they always have to say "look at the size of those feet!"; Daks takes it all in-stride. I'd told you I wanted a companion to go places and walks with me and I think we've only missed a few days that we haven't been out before 7am on a walk and then usually another in the early evening. When I go places Daks loves to sit in his passenger seat harness of my SUV and look at the traffic and the activity - he's the most attentive animal I've seen spending his down time watching his surroundings.

He's reached the point that some of his activity needs correcting and we're in the middle of Private Obedience Classes. The problem is he knows how to act for the Instructor and the class but chooses to not follow the commands depending on his mood. He loves to play in the yard and does this spastic phase where he runs in circles and makes a deep arghh arghh arghh sound and jumps - I'm not sure what you call that but he's done it since he was a little puppy. I'm happily surprised that although he still loves to will use his teeth in our playing he has had my 2 yr old granddaughter and my 1 yr old grandson walk up to him and pet him and he doesn't open his mouth; but, for the time being I make sure I'm right there to supervise. His herding instinct is something entirely different, I have to keep a close eye out for when the grand-kids will run past him, and Avery or 7 yr old Yorkie has had to deal with being cut-off from going places and on many occasions he's received small bites on his back when Daks wants him to react so he can chase him. (Another behavior we are working on along with his desire to chase cars when they go by.) With the snowy weather we've had this year it been difficult to get him to come in from outside, he'd rather sit in the yard and run through the snow and stick his face in it to where he has frozen "whiskers" on his face.

At 34 weeks Daks is about 72lbs and 27" at the shoulders. He slowed a little in weight gain when for about a week there were 3 days he had some tummy issues and he and I had an early morning joint shower down in my workout room bathroom to get the diarrhea cleaned up. No doubt, I've had some frustrations in Daks' behavior but with a 72 lb puppy I guess that's to be expected. Plus, when it comes down to it all he really wants is to hang out with me and play or find a spot to lay down where he's on my foot or against my leg.

I cant thank you enough for your efforts and the work you do with Bouviers. I end-up having a lot of discussions about dogs and breeds with people who see Daks they like to bring up the various traits and qualities inherent of some breeds. I know that much of Daks success comes from his pedigree and the years of work you've put in to maintain the standard.

Much appreciations and thanks for providing us with pretty much all you could hope for in a buddy to do go do stuff with.

Steve, Dorothy, Avery and Daks




Joan Van Velde


Hi Lynn and Greg,

And look who’s about to turn one-year-old 12/3! Must be hard (but fun) to keep track of all those babies! Algrenon weighs 66 pounds and still has that crazy Joseph-and-the-Amazing-Technicolor-Coat. When I see him in profile but with his head turned toward me he reminds me of Gebel in stature. I’ll send a pic in a few weeks after grooming. He was kenneled over Thanksgiving and did well, but is not, uh, at his Bouvier Best right now in terms of grooming. Here are a few updates:

FOOD: Told you a while ago that he was put on Science Diet ID & gets powdered Tylan over food. I am presently trying to re-introduce Purina Pro Plan back into the mix as tolerated. (He ate this beautifully up until a few months ago.) He is very active and gets 2 and 1/2 C 2x/day, as well as a bit more food hidden in balls & kongs.

PLAY:  Has toys and plays with EACH ONE, and has done so for months - the squeaky one, the crunchy one, the furry one, balls, hew bones,  whatever. His favorite continues to be a ratty no-longer-stuffed elephant on a rope that we play with outside. He’s a hot box, probably due in part to that thick coat of his. During the summer he finds the AC returns and lolls there. Right now he loves being outdoors in charge of the deck and yard, when he can see me through the full glass door. Last summer he rarely did this, but now has much more confidence. We take long walks as you recommended; opportunity to be together, see others and practice commands.

OBEDIENCE: Have been working hard on this, especially when, about 2 months ago, he seemed to be campaigning for the presidency! Out in public he’s a big show-off, perfect Bouv. He is still intact.

VISITORS: Haven’t had many but soon my daughter will visit and 3-year-old Margaux will stay overnight. Of course I’ll be vigilant but I anticipate that things will go well. Margaux saw him last summer but he will be like a different dog to her now.

CRATING: Spends the night there, and several hours/day as I have returned to teaching part-time. The obedience instructor recommended that I get him used to sleeping on the floor in my bedroom (crate is downstairs in living room). Do you have an opinion?

PERSONALITY: I often read that people refer to their dogs as clowns, or just goofy. I never got that feeling with Algrenon; even when playing he means business! I think of him as regal and serious but not above having a really fun bout with a squeaky toy. I think he’s terrifically bright, willing to please, and as long as he’s off the campaign trail for presidency, we are very happy together. Thank you again for your diligence and expertise in breeding. It’s no accident that I have a fine dog in Algrenon; please know he is well cared for, very happy and definitely living the dog’s life. I know you’re busy but if anything seems worthy of a comment I’d love to hear from you. Happy Holiday!

My best,


Barb and her Shiba

Barb Cole

Lynn, One thing i haven't said, is that most people stay "in dogs" for less than 5 years. (The last year at shows, I hardly recognized anyone). With your first dogs, whom i still remember, when you brought him to class at the community Center (WOW! What a handful for a poor novice, a big untrained adult male!) To your Dedication to coming out in the frigid weather at that park in the wintertime. Your dedication to your breed is very rare. You are dedicated selflessly and quietly dedicated to your breed, with no ulterior motives. In doign so, you have produced soem of the most outstanding fawn dogs I have seen. It is so neat when a breeder goes into a specialty area of their breed! Elaine L Gola was to produce excellent liver Dalmattians, and she did when there were no others around. Luann Likg, (Loteki her Phaelenes are gorgeous and with amazing structure, as are all of her dogs. Karen Martin, here was one of the first to show and win Groups with Uncropped you and these people have had the confidence and dedication to try, which is very admirable . That you haven't just bred these colors and ioneers, but had the dedication to prodcue excellent speciments of your breed is awesome. You also have humility, which is also to be very much admired, and vaery rare in the show world. Well now that your head is so swelled that you can't get it through the door, I would like to say that Lynn did not pay me or offer me one of her beautiful dogs in payment for this statement. I am just saying it like it is. That is my story and I'm stickin' to it

Barb Cole

Trainer, Coach and Samoyed Fancier

Barb and her Sammy


Binx is the sweetest girl in the world.  I do not know how I got along without her.  Her veterinarian adores her as well.  Everyone does.  She loves water.  And best of all, *& totally thanks to you ~  she is completely comfy being preened from toes to nose.  I have to pick at her constantly.  We live in the country!  The doc isn’t as worried about anything as much as “one ways”.  My neighbor’s dog just had to have tubes put in to drain an abscess & she’s a german shepherd.  Binx is a SWIFFER, picks up every little thing in the world.  They are no laughing matter here.  Thanks to you running your hands all over those 11 puppies, she is completely acclimated.   She’s like jello.  I think she likes it.  We have burrs in every fashion.  She’s generally calm and affable but about twice a day, she goes on a tear ;)  She is particularly fond of running through the brush till it tickles her silly.  She climbs up and down the mulched hills and piles.  She slides on her rump down.  She chases an orange nubby ball that squeaks.  I’ll send photos now that I have a new camera.  And a new phone ;)  She’s the best dog in the world. 

I am over the moon.  She practically came potty trained.  She’s so SO smart.  She sits, stays, shakes, comes when she’s called.  She loves to ride, walk, & she always stays close.  The doc wants her to gain about 2 lbs. a week and she’s doing fine.  She started puppy school last Monday night.  She loves it.  She has lots of 4 legged friends.  Missy comes to see her all the time, (black lab).  She met another newbie in the hood ~ Zoey, a cattle dog puppy.  They were fast friends.  She tries to play at school but the others aren’t as fun as her.  The just aren’t as well socialized as our girl yet ;)

Questions ~  her fur is like fine silk.  It’s so soft.  I thought she was going to be like beau, my airedale.  Is this puppy fur?  She doesn’t shed and I comb, brush, sponge bath her, every day.  She hops in the little pool.   All the sand just brushes right off of her. 
When is your book going to be completed?  I need to learn how to trim her up gorgeous.

Thank you thank you thank you and Greg too. 

Love and hugs and puppy kisses galore,


I forgot to mention....he slept through the night!  I certainly didn't as I was expecting him to whimper and cry so I lay waiting, anticipating, but it never happened.  But sleep he did, I know because he snored    So far NO accident in the house.  Luckily the weather is great, and we take him out every 20 minutes.  I'm sure an accident will happen, but pretty amazing to go 24 hours at 9 weeks with no accident!  I thought I'd have to roll up the Persian rugs, but now I will wait and see.  He enjoyed his first dinner party tonight, he slept at my husband’s feet throughout dinner.  He has adjusted to our family and lifestyle so quickly, it's almost creepy.  Not one whimper, not one sad reflex ion.  He gets pretty constant attention except I insist for periodic 'quiet time' for him to chill in his crate a bit, alone, every couple of hours.  He's quite remarkable!


Hi Lynn,
It has been a busy 3 weeks, to say the least. Tyr will be 10 weeks old tomorrow, and he already weighs over 20 pounds!  He is growing minute by minute.
He is very intelligent.  He knows the words eat and treat and go, and many others as well.  He is learning new words all the time. He, most of the time, goes to the back door when he needs to do his business. Still needs work, but this shows that he is learning what we want from him.
He knows how to sit, come, and lay down on command.  He has learned to climb steps, and just today to go down steps. He does well on a leash, and he enjoys sleeping near me during the day.
All in all, we are very happy to have him in our family.
Thank you very much,
We will send some pictures soon,
Vic and Nancy

My Parents


Haven't said anything because I have been so busy moving. I have 7 of the kids with me and the dogs so my husband can paint and clean carpets on the old house and such. I have to put new floors in and paint the new one.

That's nice to know about the 6 champions, I might try that, I think she could do it. So far what we have learned aside from looks is, The other breeder I have used has the most tolerant temperament for kid dogs and you have the smartest and most agile dogs;) Kenna ( Casting Shadows) is an even combo. She is the most tolerant dog ever but above average smart. Soleil and Tirza are geniuses but have lower tolerance for toddler hair pulling. I respect that though. They know to walk away and never bite and that is all I think someone should ask. Kenna will take anything anyone dishes out, always with a smile.

Hope things are going well and the Arkansas project is well on its way:)

Sent from my iPhone



Hi Lynn,

I wanted to send a note to let you know how great our boy is!  Of course, he is growing like a weed, and we are having the usual issues with potty training,  but - he is exceptionally sweet, affectionate, handsome, and highly intelligent.  Of course - we are prejudiced, as we adore him.  It is such fun to watch him discover his world. Right now, he's amusing us by jumping on things - the bed, the sofa - but then he's unable to get down.
You can just see the wheels turning, as he tries to judge what's going to happen if he goes over the edge.  Actually  he can get down quite easily, if
he is distracted and forgets to be cautious.  He is a big boy!   

We did change his call name - Ponca just didn't seem to quite suit him, and the family voted for Jake. 

I have a new laptop, and lost the email address for Ronnie & Kaye, but would you please let them know how happy we are with our Jake.  His ears are perfect - along with everything else about him.Thank you all!


Thanks Lynn.  Glad the check arrived.  Finnegan was great in the car and slept through the night once we got home.  He whined for about 5 seconds and then he was out!  He goes potty when we take him outside.  He's a dream!  We'll get some photos taken and send them. Sally


Cocoa in her yard

Here are a couple of shots of our little girl . She is doing just wonderfully. She now asks to go outside, by either scratching the door or whining. I am delighted to tell you she has bonded with me and is my special shadow. She was truly meant to be here. My Son loves her so much and they are always playing. She has been so good for him. We all love her so much. So don't worry she is very happy with us.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sent from my HTC Inspire™ 4G on AT&T


Hello Lynn and Greg,
Just wanted to give you a update on Arcadious , well I can say he is the love of our lives!! I don't know what we would do if we didn't have Chaos Cadious "our new nick name for him, thought it would be a great show name!! " he is very mellow, if it wasn't for making him get up he will sleep all day, unless we go somewhere, like Petsmart or in public and then he wants everyone to look at him, he demands it!   He has such personality, he likes to jump around like a bull when he is in trouble or wants to play or pick on you!  He is doing good in his puppy class, he is now starting to understand it , in the very beginning he was more interested in sitting and studying the other dogs. I need to take some new pictures he is huge and is always a hit at our vets office with his iron men bandana and loves toys. His ears are coming out nice, one is nice and straight, the other side has just a small curve we are working on but it is starting to straighten up nice now. He had a few episodes with his shots, or may be with the worming medicine the vet gives him , the vet thinks he may have had trouble with the leptospirosis  shot, he threw up the first time, and then the second time we left out the leptospirosis shot and he still got sick but with loose stools, so we will watch him again the next time to see if  anything will happen again and they dosed him up with a shot of Benadryl before his shots. Have you heard from his brother Sky yet? it will be interesting to compare them on  how much they look, act or how big they get. Looks like your house will soon be busting with baby Bouviers! Looks like my husband has decided retire so come Feb. We will be moving back to settle back to our home in Oklahoma City!!  Take Care and will send you some new pictures soon..  The Martin Family
Ohh  does his behavior sound like Curvie or Tazor at all as puppies, his personality is just so funny, and those sharp teeth you were talking about, yes they are still sharp and he is now getting better at not using them on us anymore!!


Gephetto Troller and Thumper 2010

So my boy is a man!  He offically is the proud daddy of 8 puppies (6 males 2 females)
he is turning out to be beautiful, and what a personality. He is such a ding dong and a big mush.
hes been doing match shows, hes got some filling out to do before we want him in the point shows.
not too many bouvs around here for the shows so its hard for him to compete.

Bruco comes to lisa every four weeks for grooming and boards with her.  His new owner is as much in love with him as he is with her.
and he is gorgeous!  Im praying Gepetto turns out as nice.  G is tall and filling out well, he is losing his black mask which is a disappointment
for me because I really love that look but he makes up for it in personality.  Bruco has a fantastic dark muzzle and must be a hundred pounds.
he too is just a sweety. 

I will send you pictures of both bruco and gepetto and the pups this weekend!

Dutch plays catch with himself

Given the stories of Cuivre, I thought you'd like to see Dutch with his favorite ball. He taught himself two days ago to play fetch with himself! He tosses it down the hall, chases it, pounces on it, then brings it back down the hall to start over and toss it again. Funny little thing!

Three days ago we started letting him sleep in a kennel in Madi's room...we had a soft-sided large travel kennel he seemed to like, so we tried it out in there. It's mesh on the sides and zips closed from the inside and outside. This morning he was found in my daughter's bed with her...he has learned how to unzip it with his mouth and let himself out to get in bed with her. He is quite the character!

We are loving him so much...



Hello, I have attached these pictures for Randy. Here is Mojo at 5 months old.  What an amazing dog!  Great with the grandchildren.  

Archy so big

Hello Lynn and Greg,
How are you guys? ready for school to start back? I know we are not! The family and me still check out your web site from time to time and saw the stork has been visting the Vellios house!  What some nice looking baby bouvies!!  Fuzzy Duck is really getting big!! He still has such a huge personality and is a distraction every where we take him,, I can not believe he will be 6 months the middle of August. he is so cute, and loves to play a game that we call bull, we say play bull and he jumps around like a bull in a rodeo! It is hard to punish him because he is so cute, we know if he has done something wrong, because he will pin his ears back and take off running. I know I shouldn't put this information out there but I know you will find this cute, so i have to tell you one funny thing Fuzzy Duck does that gets everyone in the house laughing , one day we were all sitting around the living room and one of the girls let out a loud "fart" or should we say gas and he took off running , now if anyone make a fake gas sound by mouth, arm pits or the real deal he will take off running, even if he is laying dead  asleep, he will jump up and run in a circle and then take off! We are still working at his puppy classes, now that he has gotten a bit older he is understanding more commands, we have slowed down a bit now due to Abbey( our older bouvie) that is fighting bone cancer has taken a turn for the worse so we are tending to her, will have to make the terrible decision to put her to sleep in a couple of weeks, the cancer has taken over so we don't want her to suffer. We are due to retire from the Army in Feb, and move back home to Oklahoma in Feb, so I hope to find a good trainer and get him into the ring eventually. Have you heard or received any pictures of his brother Sky? I would love to see if he and Fuzzy Duck have any similar traits! Well that is all now , here are some of our latest photos of Archy. Take Care. Christy

Dear Lynn,

Well, I figured it was time for me to send in my letter of appreciation for all the time and effort that you have given me with our wonderful girl Bea.  You and I have kept very close contact almost from day one when I first called you for advice which ultimately led to me getting Bea for our family.  I am sure a lot of people do not realize the time, effort, and of course the money it take's to turn a beautiful girl into a show star but what I can say is its well worth everything it takes.  Our girl is not only very smart but she has one of the soundest temperaments I have seen in a Bouvier.  When we traveled to the Bouvier Nationals in October she took the entire trip like a real trooper.  Nothing seemed to phase her.  It was her first real show and she did such a fantastic job and loved the attention it made me wish all my show dogs had been the same way.  But there can only be a few that truly love the attention and the lime light and then the rest do it because they love you and want to make you happy.  There is nothing wrong with that but in the end it separates the real top winners from all the rest.  Bea is one of those that loves what she does and it shows. After our return she went on to win a group 4 the following week end and we were so excited.  I wish you could have been here and heard the applause from the audience when she did her thing.  Now we are looking forward to January 21st which is the next time she goes into the ring.  I hope that we will always remain close friends and be able to share our successes for many years to come.  I know that when the time is right Bea is going to be the mother of many fine champions in her own right and it all goes back to your wonderful breeding program which I would recommend to anyone.  Your friend's Steve and Jani

bea was always beautiful!

Chronos loves soccer games

Hi All,  Hope all is well in Missouri, except that the Cardinals beat the Phils Thought I'd send an up to date pic of our boy.  He had his 12 week inoculation today and weighed in at 20 lbs. 7 oz. and doing great.  The vet said he's going to be a big boy.  He does draw a crowd wherever he goes.  People don't know the breed but they sure love to stop and pet and cuddle him.  Chronos is such a joy, doing very well with his housebreaking, and working great on lead making me join the Princeton Dog Training Club because their beginner’s class starts in November and he'll be at the minimum starting age of 4 months by then.  He also attended his first soccer game and was such a mellow pup especially with all the kids running around.  He was content just laying between our chairs and taking in the sights.  I will be sending a few more pictures later this weekend.  PS  He really enjoys being with my 87 year old mother showering her with kisses and lying at her feet during his visits at her house.


Woof two

Good Morning,

Crush is better than great.  She is so happy, inquisitive, and smart too.  I'm amazed that she comes every time she is called.  Her crate stayed clean all night! She woke me up a few times to go outside and she did her business in the grass.

The bag that was taped to the back of her crate was opened and the vet certificate was falling out when we got her.  I didn't know if there was anything else in there that had fallen out.
Thank you for such a special puppy.

Hi, Lynn. 
I hope everything is going well for you.  Outlaw is doing fine. Dennis may have already told you about an incident last week....but just in case he didn't, I will tell you about it.
I don't know if you remember, but I am a teacher, so Den and Outlaw are home together during the day since Den's office is at the house.  One day last week, Den was in our room working on his laptop.  Outlaw was lying in his favorite spot in the living room right by the front door just in case someone might come to visit or to take him out to play ball.  Den took a break from work and visited your web site to see what new videos you might have posted.  He saw that you still had the clip of the Outlaws litter (The Ames litter) at seven weeks old.  When your voice came on calling "Here, puppy puppy puppy to get all their attention, Deen heard Outlaw jump up....and he came bounding into the bedroom!  I thought you would like to know that he still comes at the sound of your voice.
Deborah F

Hi Lynn,

Crush is 6 months old now and we are crazy about her.  She will be spayed in a couple of weeks.  She does entertain herself with balls just like you said she might do.  She also loves to jump through plants which is a bit different.  She has an EXTREME interest in moving vehicles.  We come across many people on our daily walks.  She wants to meet everyone and has made many friends.  Bouviers are not common here so everyone is curious about her.  There was a man that  was asking about her and it must have been the way he walked straight toward us that she did not like because she was angrily barking at him, he kept coming anyway and she got in front of me and lunged at him. He did not come any closer and when she decided that she had done her job and he was speaking to me but keeping his distance she just laid down on the ground beside me and relaxed.  I was very proud of her.

Iris P



Hey Lynn,
Just wanted to let you know how much we love Chimay . . . thanks for letting us get her.
The lilley’s


Hi Lynn,

Well we fell off the face of the earth with your puppy!  I am working on getting caught up enough to send some pics and a decent letter for your website.   Our puppy is (call name) Augustus,  Smar-T-Par-T-Crasher from your June T-Par-T litter.

I have just meant to send you a message almost every day so wanted to do it now--now that my 1st quarter grades are in, Halloween is blessedly over,  and I am taking a breath, lol.

I flew down & brought Auggie home days before we moved out of our home & into a rental.  So we did the bulk of the potty training in the kitchen of that little rental house as we were planning to build on 2 acres nearby.  Days before the shovel hit the ground we had an offer we couldn't refuse to buy an existing house we'd looked at on & off some months before.  3 weeks ago we moved into a big house on 20 acres with a big fenced back yard.  Whew.  So we are still unpacking.

Through it all, just as you predicted, our Auggie was not only NOT a pain in the rear puppy adding to our stress, he has been a daily joy. He is so laid back and stable. He has just rolled with all the changes and all my stress!  Just wants to be able to see us at all times, as I related before. But he doesn't get nervous or weird if he can't. He is fine in his crate.  He is learning some commands--he is very smart. He sits so nicely while waiting to be served his dinner.  He'll try anything, once, twice, three times, but hears me and understands what I want when I am consistent with refusing or redirecting him.  He'll go to obedience training starting in January.

When the kids are in the yard with the dogs, the Boston Terrier could care less. He does his own thing. Augustus is with the kids all the time. Just near them.  They move, he gets up and moves too.  It is beautiful to watch. Today he kept pacing in front of the three-year-old, getting his body between him and the new (neighbor's) horse on the other side of the fence.  He was calm with the horse, checking him out & going nose-to-nose to investigate--it was his first encounter with a horse.  But he wanted to be between Joseph and this large newcomer.

As my mother-in-law comes to my house with scabby hands from a very mouthy GSD puppy (born same week as Augustus)  we wonder at Auggie's soft mouth & very rare episodes of destructive chewing.  He is happy to know which toys are his and which are not.  The kids constantly remark at what a better puppy Augustus is than the GSD.  "We can PLAY with Augustus!"  He is gentle with them and they are with him.

What makes us laugh...Augustus gets just as excited a a refilled water bowl as he does at dinner!   When he jumps up, he doesn't jump up on us, exactly--sort of leaps in our general direction & we get a shoulder or a rib to the thigh.  He is as big at 4 1/2 months as our boxer ever was.  It's hard to remember, between his calm behavior and his size, that he is still a puppy.

He is good with our hands in his bowl, or yanking his ears & tail.  With no training at all he walks like a dream on the leash (regular collar), but sticks by us like glue when off lead as well. He is everything we had hoped he would be.  He is wary of strangers but by no means aggressive.  Actually for the past few weeks (since the last move) he has been going through a bit of a fearful period but we hope we are doing the right things to help him through it. It seems better already. He learns so quickly and understands so readily whatever we try to communicate to him.

He is beautiful.
He is fluffy!
He does not shed.
He is developing the loveliest deep bark which he uses sparingly.

As I mentioned before, my mom (who just doesn't like dogs and is afraid of big dogs) thinks he is wonderful and makes unsolicited remarks about how easy he is, how he listens to her so well, how she likes having him in the house when she is here with the kids. You cannot overestimate how remarkable that is to hear from this particular source.

So I just wanted to let you know that your puppy is fine, very happy, healthy, and a delight every day for this family of 6.

My new principal at the high school (this is my first year back after 10 years at home) is a Bouvier person, so is always asking for pictures. I do have a few...somewhere, and will be getting photos organized in the next few weeks.  Sorry I have been so late on this.  All the changes have been a bit much for me! (And always Augustus is at my feet as a source of calm. Who would have expected a puppy to be a source of calm?)

Last week he put his paws up on the table for the first time & his nose into an empty dish.  Made me laugh a little even as I told him no. He is so big.

He's got the big "galumph" run and then a very nice, refined gait as well.  Just a joy to look at all the time.

Thank you thank you thank you.
I waited a loong time for my bouvier and we just couldn't be more pleased. 

Though I realize he is young we would be happy to act as references if anyone wanted to call or email us.

I hope all is well with you and yours and that your school year is going well.

Listing my new address below.

Lisa S


pam and her bouvs

blanche and Debbie


debbie and tessa


Lynn,  this is Bree our groomer who learned to groom Bouvier's by using our Bismark and your book. 
She said to thank you for the book and that its been invaluable in her learning.  As you can see Bea look
fantastic even though she would not stand still.  But this was at the end of the grooming session and she
had about enough at this  S


Thank you for the picture and the update. We appreciate these kinds of things.

Dave R


Thank you so much for the update. I really appreciate your and Ronnie's updates and especially the
puppy pictures!  I'll be sending out my payment that is due tomorrow, Tuesday 7/20, so look for it at the
Post Office by the end of the week.

You and Ronnie sure have made this a wonderful experience. Thank you! 

Terri S


This morning I took Walker to Mutt Puddles for a bath. This place is a do it yourself  place and they clean up the mess.  
My goodness!  That coat of his is soaks up so much water. WOW. He is a crazy boy in the bath tub....
but his true love is playing in the lawn sprinklers. Jim and I sit on the back patio and watch him go crazy. LOL Walker
will have to be washed two or three days before a show as it takes so long for him to dry. Oh and he also lays on the
air conditioning vent in the dining room and won't share the air. LOL Yesterday I took him up to the park where a young
boy was trying to fly a kite. I'm glad there's a lot of open space up there because Walker was too busy trying to catch
the kite, and not watching where he was going. Yes he is the love of our life.


a special thank you


We have been on vacation for the past month. Sorry I'm just not good with pics.
He is doing great no more potty problems. We are enjoying him. Very gentle with people. Thats great,
cause all the kids that come over.


Bruco and Dawn


From: K C []
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2010 2:38 PM
To: Gregory Vellios
Subject: FUN MATCH
HI there,
Well W and I made it through his first ever Fun Match! And we are so tired. LOL There were three Bouviers. S brought four year old Scarlet, and 8 month old B. This was B's first time in the ring also.
W is one very happy boy and loves everyone....including the judge. There was no shying away when the judge went over him. He does however turn into a big black fuzzy bunny when I moved him in the ring. So I need to work more with him in the park on the grass, and not so much on the concrete or street. He did very well with the other dogs and had fun. He is now sleeping on the air vent here in the study. He is one tired puppy. Tag did take videos so now I have to wait and see if she or her husband can down load them to me. S and the judge both said W has great structure and coat. His new teeth are coming in nicely and he's teething on everything not nailed down.
   Hope your all doing well. Take care and may god bless.



Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 11:48 AM
To: Lynn Vellios
Subject: From D, S & Joey

Hi Lynn!

We had a good trip home!  Joey was fine once we got on the road.  He slept for several hours.  We stopped at Concordia, picked up some lunch, found a school with a big shade tree, layed out a blanket, and had lunch.  When I went to get him out of his kennel, he was under the kennel pad - he liked the cold plastic on his belly.  His nose works.  He smelled BBQ sandwiches, followed his nose to them, and was thinking of biting into the styrofoam.  He also learned to drink from a lixit bottle that stop.  He also got a bowl but wanted to dig in it and splash water everywhere - he had a lot of fun with that.  He stepped off the blanket and did a pee.  Dave & I both said "Good Boy Joey" and he turned to us, had this silly look on his face, then boing boinged over to us to climb on us and get kisses.  He got little drinks and lots of potty stops.  We tried to find off ramps that had nothing but a dirt road to a farm so we wouldn't have him in areas where lots of dogs had been.  We didn't stop at any rest areas - not worth the risk.

He slept great in the motel the first night, but when we got up, he wanted out of the kennel :-)  He figured since we were up and the lights were on he should not be in there.  So we took turns showering and carrying bags to the car while the other carried him around.

Once we got home and he met "grass" he was in Heaven!  He loves grass!  And we have a big yard, fenced and landscaped and he doesn't want to come in.  He's out napping in a shady spot in the grass right now while Dave has a sandwich and keeps an eye on him.  He even cried last night wanting to go out - not to potty (which we took him out to do several times) but to run in the grass, then lay down.  He is such a nut!

He loves his new Mom & Dad so much he tries to eat us so we are working hard on the No Bite.  He seems to be getting it a little bit.  He'll stop for a while, then he's back at it.  He has lots of chew toys but the Mom & Dad taste better I guess.  He's eating, drinking and pottying perfectly. He hasn't pottied in the house at all. He has even gone to the backdoor when he wants to potty - or course after he potties he wants to stay and play.  Fortunately we're cooler today and had a sprinkle this morning, so the temps out there are great.  And he loves wet grass!  He likes it on his belly!

Attached are a few pictures, and we'll keep sending more.

Thanks so much for finding us a great little guy!

Dave & Susan


From: K L []
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 5:06 PM
To: Greg Vellios
Subject: arrived home

We arrived home safely after our 12 hour journey.  He was absolutely great!  He was so quiet I forgot he was even there sometimes.  He didn't make any mistakes in his crate.  Except for the one before I even left.  Of course I was stopping every hour, but still, no messes to clean up.
He's doing great.  All the animals are getting used to him.  The horses were pretty excited when he walked out with me to feed them.  I haven't heard them snort that much in a while.  And don't worry, he can't get through the fence, so he'll never have a true encounter with them.
Anyways, it's been great!  Will send some pictures in a few days.  I'm getting ready to try to wrap his ears.  Should be interesting.
Thanks again!


Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2010 12:33 AM
To: Lynn Vellios
Subject: From B

Dear Lynn and Greg,

I wanted to express my appreciation for you hospitality and your kindness. We have purchased other puppies, but have never felt so much a part of the experience. We certainly would love to give that breeder that told us you were a "bad breeder " a piece of our minds! Your home is so clean and so nice. The puppies are extremely well cared for and the temperaments of your dogs are exceptional. You attend to every detail and it shows! You certainly exceeded our expectations! Everything was in tip top shape.

I particularly enjoyed your honesty and your knowledge.

We brought our boy home and he was a perfect angel. We have already gotten a clean bill of health from our vet and he says he has never seen such a calm Bouv puppy.

I will be sending anyone ane everyone to you if they want a dog Apparently you are doing the right things because we have had others who own Bouviers compliment us on our puppy as we were at a rest stop in MIchigan on our way back to Canada. They said he had a really nice quality about him (we smiled but did not know what they meant) Something about how he carries himself as well. We do know he was not scared of the other animals when we arrived home!

We will keep you posted. You have certainly made our lives whole again with our new Bouvier puppy.

Thank you so much,

B and H



From: M C]
Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2010 8:30 PM
Subject: RE: we need to touch base

Hey Lynn

Val has been sending me pictures all day of Gepetto!  hes sooooo cute!

Val said that if he turns out anything like his mother he will be drop dead gorgeous.  She obviously loved his mom, she said she hasnt seen many bouviers but of the ones she has seen his mom is the most beautiful!



The letter
This is a really funny letter. If you have ever had a Bouvier puppy or any puppy for that matter you will appreciate the fact that Walker got blamed for the water on the floor, however after a close investigation it seems the plumbing was amiss and of course, Walker was going to make sure that Jim was not doing the job incorrectly. Bouviers are smart that way!
Walker helping Jim with the Plumbing making sure he gets it right

Well, we are having trouble on stack, as simple as it should be.  Otherwise she is doing great, sit and down and beginning to wait for me. If I did, how would I find the location and times for puppy shows?

We took Tessa garage sale-ing saturday and she was wonderfu.  I asked people to pet her.  It was interesting that she didn't bark at people even though she does if they come in the house.  Only one man, and he was carrying a carpet on his shoulder, and I thought he looked pretty strange, too.

She loves noisy things.  A two liter bottle is her favorite right now, she throws it around.

I am very attached to her, and feel guilty that I think less about Gretchen, which I know if silly.

Can you tell me what her coat will be like when she's grown?  It is so much softer than Gretchen's, and not wavy like her's was.  I like Tessa's coat a lot, except that it is matting. I work on it a lot, but all that makes my hands hurt - I guess arthritis. Matting was not a problem I had with Gretchen, so I wondered if  Tessa 's coat will get harsher as s he matures.

We get a big kick out of her jumping off the deck.  It's not high, she can just step off, but usually she takes this huge flying leap up and then down on all fours. She just launches and gets a lot of height.  Bill just loves it, so I'm trying to train her to do it on command.

All my children love her and my son Mat says when he sees her "I want one!!"

Will look forward to hearing about the puppy shows, we should at least try one and see how it goes for sure.  Tessa travels well so that's nice.



Thank you for Tazor from A. . .


Joey update so nice


From: TS]
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 8:15 PM
To: ronnie c; Lynn and Greg V.
Subject: An update on our new puppy :)
Hi Ronnie and Lynn!
I just wanted to give you an update on our new family member, our adorable male bouvier puppy! We finally decided on his family name--Micky. He's named after my husband Scott's father. They had a very close father and son relationship, and my husband still misses him so much. 
This is going to be kind of a long email because I want to let you know all about Micky. :)
We took Micky to the vet last Friday to get his ear stitches removed and for a checkup. He passed his physical exam with flying colors, and we also got him started on heart worm prevention medication.  In our part of the country, this is a must. This coming Wednesday 9/8/10, the vet is going to "roll his ears" to give his ears some support for a while, since he's just a puppy, and Micky will also get his 2nd set of shots. Your vet did a wonderful job of cropping his ears, BTW. My vet thought Micky looked great! I also told my vet that I'm going to show Micky, so to be sure to keep that in mind when doing his ear supports.This past Friday, Micky weighed in at 12 lbs! I just couldn't believe it. It seems as though he's doubled in size since we picked him up last weekend from your house, Ronnie. Micky will be outgrowing his medium-sized crate very soon, so I'm buying him a bigger one tomorrow. I think Micky got the very best from his mother Olive and the very best from his father Hector. He's like his dad in that he loves to eat, just like you said, Ronnie! Oh man, he just gets sooooooooo excited about food. He's a great eater, and that's an understatement. LOL I must tell you both that Olive and Hector's pictures on the website don't do them justice. They are just magnificent bouviers! Oh my gosh, they are so gorgeous. And Ronnie, your kennel setup is equally as impressive and soooooooo clean. Your dogs have so much room to run and get the exercise that this breed must have. I can tell that you both love your animals and the Bouvier des Flandres breed. Seeing is believing. There is only one place to ever purchase a Bouvier des Flandres puppy for me and that is from both of you. :)
Hold on to your seats.... Last Thursday night when Micky was still only a 7 1/2  week old puppy, Micky, Nyah, and Zoe were in the kitchen, and I said, "Who wants some cheese?" Nyah and Zoe (my 9 and 8 y/o female bouviers) have always adored cheese! Anyway, I sliced a whole block of cheese up. I told Nyah to sit which she did, and then I gave her a piece of cheese. I did the same thing with Zoe, and she, too, sat on command to receive her piece of cheese. Micky had been watching his big sisters Nyah and Zoe VERY closely, as you might imagine--and especially watching me with the cheese. I told Micky to sit, and he did it, Ronnie and Lynn! I was flabbergasted and in total shock. After sitting on command, I rewarded  Micky with his piece of cheese which he gobbled up with great excitement. He danced all around and hopped up and down with joy. Micky is a cheese head, too! LOL
I thought Micky sitting on command was just a fluke so I walked over to the other side of the kitchen to try it again. Micky, Nyah, and Zoe all followed, of course. I went through the whole process of walking around and changing places in the kitchen quite a few times and giving each one of them the command to "sit" before I would give them their piece of cheese. Micky sat on command to receive his piece of cheese every time! As of today, Monday 9/6/10, Micky is sitting on command with or without the cheese, and he comes when I say sweetly and with excitement, "Micky, come!" Is there a Mensa organization for puppies? Why do I ask? Because I think Micky is a genius and should be enrolled! ;-)  Honest to Pete, it's just incredible! He just turned 8 weeks old yesterday! And I promise that I am telling you both the truth. With my older bouviers, I never started training this early, but Micky showed the signs of wanting to learn, so I seized the moment to see if he was ready. He was. He is.This little pup is smart as a whip! He is such a fast learner, and he loves learning new things. His brain is like a little sponge. Naturally, he spends most of his day playing. He's a playing machine! Then he takes his naps from playing so hard. And he's so much fun to watch outside! He's fascinated by singing birds in the trees and squirrels, and he loves trying to catch the leaves when the wind blows them along the grass. I don't know who is having more fun---him or me watching him learn about the world. :)
Micky has already mastered the stairs. He tried to do that a day or two after we got home from your house, Ronnie. He's got the whole stairs thing down pat now. He looked at those stairs as a challenge, and by george he was determined to do it and did it. He's still doing great heeling on the leash which is pretty incredible for an 8 week-old puppy. He's just so precious and sooooooooo smart! I really think Micky is going to be easy to train for both conformation and obedience. He LOVES learning new things and mastering them. He's going to breeze through his CD, CDX, and more. 
Micky is also a "snuggle bunny." He loves snuggling up to us in our bed, and we get lots of wet puppy kisses. And he still LOVES Scott's beard which looks just like yours, Ronnie! At night, our bed consists of me, Scott, and 3 bouviers all snuggled up watching a good movie! Micky hasn't had the first bit of separation anxiety. He sleeps next to me at night in his crate. He sleeps all through the night with not a peep out of him. He's doing just great, and I thought you and Lynn would like to hear that. You did such a wonderful job of raising and socializing Micky as a little puppy. Simply an awesome job! Micky is such a boy. He's got such a wonderful temperament.
And I'm very happy to report that Micky, Nyah, and Zoe are still getting along great. I'm really proud of my older female bouviers for being so accepting of Micky. When Micky first got home, there was a lot of licking, sniffing, and tail wagging. Now they're playing chase! When Micky gets too rough, they just get up and walk off or run! LOL
Micky is also doing great with potty training. I just couldn't be happier with his progress. We love him sooooo much!!! Thank you both so very much for Micky, our precious bundle of joy. :)
T S 

From: T. S]
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 2:03 AM
To: Gregory Vellios
Subject: RE: An update on our new puppy :)

I love those names! Thank you so much for your help. :)
As for those that are skeptical about your breeding program, they are obviously very jealous of you and your success, Lynn. Whatever you are doing is fantastic! Your dogs have beauty AND brains. I have never had a puppy this young even interested in training, and his retention ability at such a young age is simply incredible. I just about fell out on the floor when I said, "Micky, sit", and he did it.  And he won't do it only for me. He does it for all of us. When I say, "Mickey, come!", he walks right up to me and does a PERFECT sit in front of me now. I've never seen anything like this barely 8 week old puppy in my life. He's starting to anticipate the "come" and "sit" commands now. He hears the command I give to one of his sisters, and he immediately does the same thing. Then he sits there and stares up at me with that precious little face of his as if to say, "Look at me mommy! I knew you were going to ask me to do it too, so I thought I would do it before you called my name and asked me to do it for you."
Today, we began to learn the "down" command. Micky was getting bored with "come" and "sit" because he knows it. I mean he really, really knows it. I just keep reinforcing what he has learned already, and our sessions are very short so we make it fun. The very impressive thing to me today was that Micky actually stayed in the down position for a minimum of 30 secs. I placed him in the "down" position and rewarded him with piece of cheese when he stayed there and didn't get right up. He watched his sisters do it and stay in the down position, so he stayed in the down position, too. To get him out of the "down" position, I actually had to say, "Micky, come!" Then he walked up to me and sat in front of me in a perfect "sit" while his sisters remained in the "down" position. Eight week old puppies, in my experience, just don't ever stay in a "down" position. They just don't because they are puppies, and they just want to play, play, play, and play some more, and they have a short attention span. My gosh, this puppy is special. VERY special. He is so far ahead of the curve in training that I just can't believe it myself. I am in total and complete shock at what Micky is doing at his very young age. Also, Micky always has his eyes on you and doesn't take them off of you which is a wonderful and very needful thing in training. Lynn, you are breeding the most incredible bouviers that I have ever seen, and I mean that. 
Talk to you soon!

Hi Lynn & Greg,

Just a short note to say we are home with Bella Leah.  Dennis also added Thunder's name to that so her initials would be BLT.

She is a wonderful puppy!  We couldn't ask for a better puppy.

Ronnie & Kaye are sure are excellent breeders.  I can see why you are working with them. 

I will tell you more in the next email.  I'm just really tired from the long drive....but it was worth  every mile!  Even Bella is tired.  She is stretched out sleeping on the rug in front of me.


Sent from my iPod


From: Alanna T <> [Add to Address Book]
To: Lynn <>
Subject: Endorsement
Date: Oct 4, 2010 2:58 PM
I wanted to say thank you for your kind words and invaluable info that you gave during our meeting at Purina Farms. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Your dog, I believe Cuivre was her name, was an absolute gorgeous bouvier. I was so impressed with the overall look of Thumper, as well as his gentle, sweet temperment.
You have done an absolute fabulous job with your pups, and should be very proud of yourself. I would highly recommend a Bajoron Bouvier to anyone who is looking for a beautiful pup with clean lines and great temperment.
Thank you so much,
Dawn N

Hi Ronnie & Kaye,

All is well here with Bella Leah……now we added Thunder (the name of our first Bouvier) to the end of that so she has the initials “BLT” (Dennis came up with that)….but she answers to Bella.

I do so apologize for how long it has taken me to get off this email.  I can’t believe how fast time is flying having a puppy in the house.  Every Sunday morning Dennis and I talk about what we were doing this time, a week ago, then two weeks ago, then three weeks……and on and on.  And every time we talk about Arkansas, I say, “I’m going to send off any email to Ronnie & Kaye tonight.  Then that changed to I really have to get an email off……..then I HAVE TO GET AN EMAIL OFF.

Dennis doesn’t send emails and I suffer from ADD.  I always have all these great intentions, however a person with ADD only tells time by “now or not now”.  Then add a cute little puppy in the mix and all my attention goes to Bella.  So please forgive me for such a long long delay.

But this email isn’t about me, it’s about Bella.  WOW, what a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL SMART PUPPY SHE IS!!!!    She is getting so big now.  Every few days it’s another first for something.  Yesterday she jumped on the bed for the first time.  We thought it was something when she jumped on the couch…..well the bed is a lot higher than the couch.  We try not to get her into bad habits….but she is so cute, at times we just have to let her get away with something.

Last week she lost her front tooth and the time before that she barked at someone passing by as she looked out the window.

Last Saturday she went to the vet to get a good checkup.  From her first vet visit when she was a bit over 16 lbs to now a little over 25, she is doing very very good.

Dennis loved when the vet told us that she could go for walks when we first took her in.  The vet said, if it’s too much for her, you will be able to tell.  Well she loves her walks around the block which is about 9th of a mile.  She gets 3 walks a day and sometimes 4.  We also have a great nature trail that she goes through at times as well.

The neighbors always stop and tell us how they are all watching Bella grow.  It was cute the first week I was walking her and a little boy named Jake (who is 5) saw Bella for the first time.  With a question mark on his face, he asked me “Is that Leah?”  “No, Leah passed away, this is Bella” is said.  “LEAH DIED?” he said surprisingly.  “Yes, she’s no longer suffering”.  “Boy, my sister Allie isn’t going to like that”  (I think his sister must have kidded their Aunt Leah about a dog with the same name).  Then as he stared at Bella he admitted with relief , “Wow, I thought you gave Leah a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD HAIRCUT!”

We keep her kennel set up all the time right in the middle of the family room.  That’s where she sleeps at night.  She goes in and out of there on her own throughout the day.

About a week ago we brought her blankets into the bedroom and put them next to the bed and shut the doors so she only had the bedroom and bathroom that she could wander in the night.  She did very well.  I really don’t think she needs to be in the kennel at night, but it seems like she likes it there better….at least for now.

Yesterday way a huge test for her because we went to the Packer Game in Green Bay.  We take the bus which means we are gone for about 12-13 hours.  We have season tickets for two games a year.  The first game I stayed home with Bella because it was too soon for her to be kenneled that long.  Even this time, I really didn’t like it.  But when we had Leah, we did the same thing when Leah was one week younger than Bella….and Leah did great.  But Dennis figured out a system back when Leah was in for that long of time.  We have two large crates that we connect so they could go back and forth between the two crates.  That way, if nature did call, they could use the other side.

I was glad for Bella that we had a night game so that she got two good walks in before we left the house at 1:15pm.  When we got home just before 2am she was fine and no messes in the crates!  The only hard part for us was to stay up awhile with her so she could eat and play.  At 2:30am we all had our reflective gear on to go for a walk around the block.  Last night too, Bella slept in our room once things got calmed down.

So that’s what Bella’s life is like in Wisconsin.  She is a happy, happy Bouvier Cheesehead that loves to play as much as she loves her walks , squirrels and picking up sticks.

The only thing we forgot about having a puppy is the sharp sharp teeth.  We finally have gotten over calling her Leah by mistake.  But then too, it took Bella a while to get over her calling us Ronnie and Kaye J

I also have to add, how relieved I am that she has taken to both of us that same.  I was worried about me working full time and having Dennis home with her all day long.

I will try to get more photos off to you sooner than later.  I wasn’t sure how many photos I could add to one email.  Others, I will just forward….now that I finally downloaded them from the camera.

Take care both of you and please give Olive and Hector a hug from all of us!


From: Dan F []
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 7:24 AM
To: Gregory Vellios
Subject: Keevah report

Hi Lynn and Greg,

Keevah is resting quietly in her crate. Keevah is well, my wife and I are trying to keep up. She has accepted her new family quite well.

She is doing great at night. Lights out about 11 PM. She typically sleeps until about 3:30 AM for a potty trip, then back in her crate until 6 AM. The first night we had a 20 to 30 minute performance but she settled and went to sleep. Pretty good for an 8 wk old puppy.

Days are a different story however, her energy is off the charts. Lots of play time to manage that energy. A few accidents (wet spots) in the kitchen where we confine her when she is not in her crate. She's really quick with her squat and squirt - but we are working on it.

We have met some neighbors, kids and adults and a few friends. She has been out-going and good with everyone so far. Also met a friends cat who was very accommodating with Keevah.

Overall, a pretty good first few days.

Just a note on our schedule to visit our Vet. She is out of town at a conference this week. Won't be able to see her until Monday at 1:30 - I assume this is OK with you relative to our contract that states "must see vet in 5 days".

Looks like first obedience class available here will be in early September. We will check it out and sign up if it looks OK. I will also ask the Vet on Monday for a recommendation for obedience training.

Also, a question on the AKC registration paper work. Lynn, I know you went over it with me. But it was very fast and I was anxious to get on the road. Do we need to complete paperwork to have Keevah registered in our names?

Road trip home was interesting. Keevah pooped and threw up in the first 5 minutes of the trip. Trip to my son's house in Ohio took 10 hours. Spent one hour there and left for PA - usual 2 1/2 hour trip took 4 hours due to construction. got home about 11:15 PM Sunday night.

I will follow up with more reports and some photo's.


From: Dawn S []
Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2010 4:26 PM
To: Gregory Vellios; Diana Caldwell
Subject: Re: an endorsement letter

hi ladies,
well, it has been far too long (sorry) but life is keeping me busy.  deela and jewel are amazing.  deela is 19 months and jewel 7.  they are both my loves--so different in most ways but alike in their affectionate, loving nature. they are FANTASTIC all around but especially with my kids.  deela is my soulful, mellow, gentle beautiful lady (a born therapy dog for sure). jewel was born to show--gorgeous, sassy, full of life,love and herself, playful, and such a licker!!  everyone that sees them says how wonderful and beautiful they are.  lynn, you were right about the potty training.  deela took a year and we are still working on jewel  (my only complaint--UGH!) anyway, we couldn't be happier but don't count on us for round #3 just yet (famous last words).  hope you both are well.  dawn



From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 3:20 PM
To: Gregory Vellios
Subject: Re: an endorsement letter

     Our Toby was 6 last March.  He is the eight dog, and second Bouvier, that we have owned.  Although we loved all the dogs, Toby has gotten more compliments than any of them.  In temperment and appearance I would have to rate him at the top.
Ernie & Marion Charvat 



Joe B<> [Edit Address Book]
To: 'Greg Vellios' <>
Subject: RE: Rupert - 2 questions
Date: Jul 30, 2010 10:34 AM

I understand.  Thanks.   Rupert knows the word ‘easy’, but it’s a word that is not consistent with his nature.  His work ethic, joy, outdoor energy level, usually put him into quite a high gear, outside at least.   (Indoors, he is an amazingly patient, amazingly wonderful citizen.)  The injury aside, I’m starting to see subtle signs of his going easier outdoors, but he’s quite the guy – a very interesting creature that every member of our family appreciates.

Hope you are well and keeping up with all those puppies,  Joe


so its been a hundred years

Gepetto is almost 8mo old now
he is 60 lbs and just had his eyes checked, we will breed him in april so we started on the preliminarys
eyes are fine by the way.
He was in his first match show yesterday and took breed, which was easy since he was the only bouv.
took group over a GS a collie and a briard
he went to best pup in show and they pulled him and a frenchy...he lost to the frenchie
he did fabulous for his first in ring expirience.  Lisa took ill in the 9th hour, she cancelled as I was driving there. 
I hooked up with another handler (Hal), he does my friends staffy bulls and he knows Lisa - so he took him in.  He was impressed and said his biggest problem right now is his attachment to me.  So I had to watch from a far.  BUT we had fun and did great!



From: Debbie []
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 8:57 PM
To: ronniec@dt
Subject: Bella Leah Update

Hi Ronnie & Kaye,

All is well here with Bella Leah……now we added Thunder (the name of our first Bouvier) to the end of that so she has the initials “BLT” (Dennis came up with that)….but she answers to Bella.

I do so apologize for how long it has taken me to get off this email.  I can’t believe how fast time is flying having a puppy in the house.  Every Sunday morning Dennis and I talk about what we were doing this time, a week ago, then two weeks ago, then three weeks……and on and on.  And every time we talk about Arkansas, I say, “I’m going to send off any email to Ronnie & Kaye tonight.  Then that changed to I really have to get an email off……..then I HAVE TO GET AN EMAIL OFF.

Dennis doesn’t send emails and I suffer from ADD.  I always have all these great intentions, however a person with ADD only tells time by “now or not now”.  Then add a cute little puppy in the mix and all my attention goes to Bella.  So please forgive me for such a long long delay.

But this email isn’t about me, it’s about Bella.  WOW, what a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL SMART PUPPY SHE IS!!!!    She is getting so big now.  Every few days it’s another first for something.  Yesterday she jumped on the bed for the first time.  We thought it was something when she jumped on the couch…..well the bed is a lot higher than the couch.  We try not to get her into bad habits….but she is so cute, at times we just have to let her get away with something.

Last week she lost her front tooth and the time before that she barked at someone passing by as she looked out the window.

Last Saturday she went to the vet to get a good checkup.  From her first vet visit when she was a bit over 16 lbs to now a little over 25, she is doing very very good.

Dennis loved when the vet told us that she could go for walks when we first took her in.  The vet said, if it’s too much for her, you will be able to tell.  Well she loves her walks around the block which is about 9th of a mile.  She gets 3 walks a day and sometimes 4.  We also have a great nature trail that she goes through at times as well.

The neighbors always stop and tell us how they are all watching Bella grow.  It was cute the first week I was walking her and a little boy named Jake (who is 5) saw Bella for the first time.  With a question mark on his face, he asked me “Is that Leah?”  “No, Leah passed away, this is Bella” is said.  “LEAH DIED?” he said surprisingly.  “Yes, she’s no longer suffering”.  “Boy, my sister Allie isn’t going to like that”  (I think his sister must have kidded their Aunt Leah about a dog with the same name).  Then as he stared at Bella he admitted with relief , “Wow, I thought you gave Leah a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD HAIRCUT!”


Hi Lynn & Greg
How u guys doing ? Have any new puppys yet ?
Things r going very well with sully !!
Everyday I've been consistant with potty times and training and he never goes in his crate anymore and has just this week learning how to pull on a rope with bells on it attached to the door knob to let me know he has to go out... Plus it will teach him to open doors for us... He knows sit very well and he knows fetch and come and leave it!! It's his favorite game.. He goes out to the bus in the mornin and afternoon to get my daughter... He is knowing to stay by her chair and not get under foot .. Of course we go out on the lead to.. He of course is still mouthing from teething but knows no bite and then I give him a chew toy instead of us !! He tries so hard at everthing and u can just see him working it out in his head.. I've had him at the vet.. I've givin him his next vaccination and dewormed him again.. He went to  my hair salon with me last week for 2 1/2 hrs and got lots of attention and was experiancing all kinds of new things and did very well !
He likes riding in my truck and just sits quietly next to me.. He has been doing real well with Kya and has met my boyfreinds lab Max, and he and him have alot to say to one another when there together the whole time with tails wagging and good attitudes.. I keep it fresh for him as much as possible and do new things, he's been alot of work but it's all worth it and I really enjoy it.. So after his supper and potty time we play and train with my daughter then he likes to snuggle with her and when he gets mellow like that he is so gentle with her... We love him like crazy !! Well I need to go for now.. Hope to talk soon, and get some arrowhead hunting in..
Take care,

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