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Many people call and want a dog that will not have cropped ears. Some like the look and some want a price break.  The cost of a Bouvier does not hinge on ear cropping for certain.

There has been great debate on the net by many people even some Vets that own Bouvier. Those vets although trained have not had Bouvier for as many years as we have. in addition we have vets within our family that weigh in on this subject. Another debate issue is that you see our pages steeped in cropped ears. This does not mean we do not have natural ears in our midst. For a viewer to believe this is just plain assumption on their part.

Bouvier ears have hair that grows continuously. If the ears are pricked (cropped and standing) then you have a healthy ear that remains dry because of air circulation. If you choose to have a natural ear you run the HIGH risk of ears that are damp and wet. The natural ear retains moisture and dirt. Even if your dog does not swim, or get wet in the rain, humidity and natural moisture from the dog still cause this condition. Sloughed off hair and dandruff will not fall out but remain in the ear exacerbating the condition.

What does this translate to? The number one cause of vet visits is ear infections (not my statistics but this comes from the AVMA!). Bacterial, Fungal, Foreign Bodies in ears this all translates in to an ear infection. Yeast is a big problem, Not just for Bouviers but for all breeds. If a Bouvier has a flop ear, plan on at least one if not many visits to the vet.

You will become an expert in ear cleaning as well as the pharmaceuticals that accompany the many types of ear infections you will encounter.
The three to five hundred dollars you saved in not cropping in the original purchase of your dog has now been eclipsed by the cost of vet visits, medicine and worry that you have about the ears.

We might also add that if you sleep in the same room as your dog, the constant flapping of the infected ear getting shaken by your dog in and effort to get fast temporary relief will keep you up at night. That will cost you in sleep which affects your quality of life at work and at home.

What can the end result be for a dog that constantly sustains irritation in the ear? Ear drum removal!

a quote from the above URL (vet med)

"Dogs with chronic ear infections will benefit from anything that increases air flow into the ear canal. Ear flow can be improved by:"
They continue to show you what can help to keep your dog’s ear dry. One solution is taping the ears over the top of the head. Now wouldn't it have easier to have had your dogs ears cropped so that the look was natural and easily maintained?

The question you need to ask yourself is,
"Do I prevent possible problems that result in constant vet visits, Pain and suffering to my dog, and pay for a dog that will be most likely to yield less cost in the long run versus save 3-500 dollars up front?

Given the cost of vet visits and medication, the upfront savings can be eclipsed in less than one visit to the vet with a chronic ear infection in your dog.

We at Bajoron do not compromise in this choice. We believe that at this point since ear cropping is still allowed that we choose to crop to make your dog healthy and happy. If you want a dog with flop ears, buy a Golden retriever or a Black Russian Terrier, and then find a vet who wants to clean your dog’s ears, or you become an expert. We might add that you will be doing this at least every week for 30 minutes each time. Why you ask? Because we had a Golden for 15 years and the ear infections and cleaning products we bought could have purchased many items! The vet got rich, and we funded him and the drug companies.

Another proof of our experience in this arena was our dog Orvis, a Spinoni  Italiano. He was constantly being bothered d by ear infections. To prevent his problem, we had to clean his ears once each week. It was time consuming and costly. Due to allergies in our child, we returned him to the breeder. She was not as vigilant as we were, and allowed the infections to grow and become so bad that he had to have both his ear drums removed and all inner ear workings. We can't even imagine what that procedure cost.

We have had natural ears dogs leave Bajoron and stay with us for various reasons. If you desire a natural eared dog we will ask you sign release papers to accept this dog and for special situations that may arise if you should have to give it up.

There are some debates on Facebook and it always makes us laugh as we read the “know it alls” who expound reasons for ear problems. Many of their auto immune and other proclamations as to why a dog has an issue is simply speculation on their part and an effort to make the others on a page believe they are the quintessential sages of this subject.

The truth is we have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of owners and many have had problems with natural ears as we have personally. These callers experienced same reasons, the same headaches and the same situations as we have in our lives with these dogs. While it is true there are prick eared dogs with ear infections, they are not as prevalent.

There are circumstances like using alcohol in the ear (which we also saw on the net touted as a remedy) that can harm your dog’s ears permanently. Alcohol dries and can burst the eardrum. Don’t let anyone tell you how to make a Homeopathic remedy without the vet putting their stamp of approval on the concoction. While many Bouvier breeders and owners pluck hair from the canal, this can cause the ears natural ability to ward off issues and so shaving as far as you can is actually suggested by the AVMA.

When you are investigating, don’t use Facebook don’t ask other owners, there is just too much confusing talk on that venue. Talk to your vet; don’t try to solve this issue with people who really have no business telling you what to do or how to do it. They will not be there when you have a problem. In fact they will say, OH we are so sorry, but they will not pay your bills for you.
Still want natural ears? We can talk about the possibility.

face front natural
cropped and healthy
uncropped and hanging
cropped and up
natural and beautiful

We have many dogs out there with natural ears. The owners were adament about the process and so we arranged some special paper work for them to allow this to be the case. We are not violently apposed to you havign a natural earred dog but the care and the cost are all the same for us with each puppy.

If you desired a dog with natural ears, just ask.

how to tape an ear



Below are three segments of the same. Which ever works give it a try!

If you would like to see how to tape the ends of the ears so that the tips come up and the ear stands erect. Click on the movie to the left.
you need:
1 waterproof
2 skinny medical tape
3 masking tape
4 scissors
5 Osto bond (used for ostomy bags for humans)
6 patience (and another set of hands to hold the puppy still)
7 a puppy
8 a flat not slippery surface to do this
* Note put the osto bond on the ears tips inside and outside (just the first one fourth inch and let dry for about three minutes. Do the same with the tape at both ends on the sticky side.
When you stick the tape on the ear. PUt the sticky side on the one side of the ear. Take another piece of fape and sandwich the ear both sticky sides on sticky on ear tips and then guide the tape so that it sticks on itself to the other ear. Sandwich that ear with the sticky ends over the ear tips (osto bonded as well to the osto bonded ears tips) then compress gently.
wrap with masking tape (just a llittle to secure the tape so little clawss can't remove it.
take up slack in center with another piece of masking tape. Watch the puppy to make sure they start to leave it alone. Since taping ears can be a bit of an odd feeling at first the puppy may protest a tiny but but soon they forget and are once again playing and get used to the feel of the tape helping their ears to stand!


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