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You may contact us at:

Bajoron Kennels
c/o Lynn Vellios
PO Box 496
Wildwood, Missouri   63040

Ph: 636-458-3356 (leave a message with a call back number if we are not there to answer) We will call you back as soon as we have time. We try very hard to stay in contact with our potential buyers and our buyers! We also answer our past buyers questions as well. YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US.

If you call and use the option to mask your number, we will not give specific information as we like to "know" who we are talking to. We will not give out specifics if you do so. We have had competitors call us to see what we say or do on the phone.

To our competitiors, if you do call and leave your number up, we have a record of it and can double check your number, and your IP address with our computer software. Just be honest ask us what you want to know!

We do mask our cell numbers as because we take these to work and situations where we do not want our phone ringing for puppy info. We like to leave our phones on for family who may need us suddenly. If you call our base phone and we call you back masking our cell this is why we do so.

I am sorry but we do not ship puppies overseas unless you have done all the research to do so. We don't ship out of the continental United States, unless you have a person to pick up.  We do not accept foreign currency. Any puppies that leave the states other than Canada will have to be picked up personally or at the airport nearest you in the United States.  There is an embargo on live animal shipments to Canada recently. (please call for availability) There are many fine motels within a fifteen minute drive from our home. Saint Louis is an excellent destination for enjoyment, shopping and fine dining. You can both pick up your puppy and enjoy your stay as well.

Personal checks need to be cleared before you take possession of your puppy. 

Deposits of $500 dollars will be kept if you back out of the puppy sales agreement after paying the deposit.*

We match your personality and lifestyle with the puppy that matches your needs. We do not have potential buyers pick their individual puppies. Both Show and Pet puppies are the same price because they both require the same needs in medical and supply care. They are both special.  

We are conveniently located 30 minutes west of Saint Louis city between Highway 44 and Highway 40/61 off Highway 109. Not for too long as over the next year and a half, we are planning a new facility that we are carefully working on. We will be easily accessable and quite happy for you to come visit the area as it is a beautiful spot to recreate and to relax. We will explain more as we get closer. The architect is working as are we to find that perfect building plan.

Please call us for information or e-mail.  Look for the downloadable puppy application (either text field or hand printable) form (on the puppy application page) to paste into an e-mai, or snail mail to us,l so we can see if you are a good fit for a Bajoron Kennel Puppy.

Thanks so much,
The Bajoron Kennel Team!.


We have had to put a Payment schedule into effect as a result of some puppy buyers not paying their puppy remittance
in a timely fashion. This payment schedule is located on the same page as the puppy application.


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