Cassiopeia cheated me out of over a thousand dollars!


The story of
Cassiopeia Bouviers and the Owner who runs it,
Stephen D Bowerman

While we realize that his is a long story it is worth it to realize how easily a breeder can cheat you! Even as this breeders friend as one time we were shocked how quickly he made the transition from being a friend to stealing from us! The article is long but well worth the warning. Note the newest info is on top and goes to the oldest and the complete story on the lower portion of the text.

March 25th The BBB has finally got on board with our complaints and officially posted that Stephen D Bowerman of Cassiopeia Bouviers has a D+ rating. It takes a special kind of cheating to get his sort of rating from them. The interesting thing is he has an endorsement for Steve and his kennel and yet everyone else writes he cheated them. We have a suspicion the endorsment is not true!

BBB cached status for Cassiopeia Bouviers

Update: March 12,2017
Finally after more than a month, Cassiopeia took the references to the AKC Breeder program and the membership to the ABdFC off his website. He also had listed he was a member of the Cook Inlet club which he is NOT.

In addition to taking money from unsuspecting buyers and not producing the puppies expected or refunding the buyers . . . . he has Stolen other breeders web graphics and information that was clearly copyrighted and put it on his page. Then to make matters worse he boldly states it is his copyright. Now he has clearly committed copyright infringment as well. Is there no end to his story?


Stealing another Breeders page!

He still has not refunded a two people in Alaska, another in the north west, Myself and has not obeyed the courts on the awards he was told to pay back. If you want to see the entire story scroll down and read. . . . . .

UPDATE: After over a month of being suspended from the ABdFC Steve continued to claim membership to the club via his website. He also continued to use the Breeder of Merit Icon. Both the AKC and the ABdFC had to call him and warn him to cease using these entitites as endorsements for his sales!

In addition he has investigations ongoing in his taking monies and not returning it to the buyers. Other entities will soon be involved in the cheated buyers quest for their money returned. He still owes over 5000 to his buyers (these are the ones we are aware of!)

UPDATE!!!!! (at the end) 1-28-2017

Steven Bowerman and Cassiopeia Bouviers
Do not send him money, a wire, pay pal, check or any currency of any kind!
Read our story and see what he did to us and 6 others!

May 2016 I was telephoned by a Steve Bowerman. We had known each other for about 9 years and , I thought he was a friend. He stated he had bred a Female Bouvier he purchased from me in 2010. He explained to me the champions that she had produced, and said if i took a puppy and showed it I could complete the requirement for her to become, "A registry of Merit" Dog. He had been asking me for years if i wanted a puppy from her. Before this time I never considered it. Even this occasion, I waffled over the decision, but after a little thought and consideration I told him I did not need another dog at this point. However, I owed a person a puppy, and after speaking with them, they agreed to co-own and show the potential puppy that would come from Bea and Sully. I sent him a down payment of 500 dollars with the promise of the puppy, enclosed with my letter of intent. He said, "I need this money to go to the shows this spring and summer." I thought it was a reasonable request. This would also help him to start the litter.

The puppies were not born on the date that they should have been. Steve quoted different dates of mating. Given his initial phone calls that Sully and she had Bred. the puppies should have arrived almost two weeks earlier than the June 6th, 2016 date. He even told me he put the Sully and Bea together for the breeding over a two weeks time period.

When he thought she was pregnant and preparing for her puppies to arrive he sent me photos of the holes she dug in the back yard! This would all prove to be a lie about Bea being pregnant!


June 6th 2016 he started to text me with the news of the birth of the puppies. There were eight. He sent me one group of four photos at the puppies fifth day of life. It was decided that we would allow this little dog to live with a friend, co-own with her and she would show the dog with her granddaughter. After that initial news, we sent in our remaining money which was 700 for a grand total of $1200.00 dollars.

He was going to hand deliver the dog about the week of July 25th-29th by flying down to Saint Louis. We agreed I would drive up and retreive the puppy for me and the lady who had also reserved in Tennessee. In addition he said he did not do ears in Alaska, and asked would I do the ears for her puppy as well as the puppy I was getting? During the entire puppy growth period he contacted us about three times. I asked him to take a special photo that indicates final color and he said he would, but never fufilled this promise.

I started writing him texts, emails and left voice mails to an unresponsible phone that was turned off. The first time he called he said he had totalled his truck, a lady ran an intersection and hit him.

The next call was to tell me that the adult dogs who went to the show had brought kennel cough back to the house.

Then he went silent. No amount of calling, emailing or texting would get a response. I inquired, "Were the puppies alright?", and got a response a phone call and he said "all were fine".

Now early in the planning stage. I had a person call me for a puppy. She lives in Tennessee. I did tell her that Steve was "different" but she called him and deposited money as well on the litter. She too was a little concerned that Steve had not been answering her emails and requests for photos or word of the puppies. We started to compare notes in July. These next paragraphs you will see the significance of this relationship.

After pleading for a note, photos or word of the puppies I was graced with a later text to explain His non communicative platform. He said he was at the dog show and his dog took a group 3 but no news of the puppy. I replied, "I don't care about the dog show. . . . what about the puppies?"

Later on July 16th when the puppies were 5 weeks old the other buyer, who was expecting a puppy, and was to share the cost of shipping with me called alarmed and upset. You see she too was not recieving any phone calls or news. She finally got a call after referring to him in a text she sent to him as "dishonest". He said to her, "That four puppies have already died and the others will probably not make it." He claimed he had told me earlier that the puppies were sick ; Yet word of the puppies demise and impending deaths were news to my ears. She demanded her money back and called me to relay the news immediately.

I in turn called him, texted and emailed. I too wanted my money.

Texts from me to Steve were not answered. Emails met the same response. If you call his phone number he has turned off his phone. Finally he called me and told me that he puppies had all died from Bea and Sully over the two weeks following their birth on June 6th, 2016 from Entropathogenic E Coli. He told me he had spent countless dollars at he vet in an attempt to save them.

After a few days of asking for my money he said he had sent it on July 17th 2016. He told Connie and me he had put it in the mailbox, and it would be to us shortly. Two working weeks went by and July 31 on Sunday saw no checks reimbursing either of us for our money we put down on two puppies.

During this time between finding out the puppies had died and July 31st, a curious thing happened. A woman got a hold of a friend of mine and asked them if they knew anything about Cassiopeia Bouviers? They in turn knew my situation and sent me a copy of the text she had sent them. She indicated she was having some difficulty with them.

After investigating where she lived and finding her work number, I called her to ask what her situation was. She related a long and disturbing list of behaviors that Steve had put her through. She had actually put money down on a Bea litter in December of 2015 however the sire she was bred with was Dante, Not Sully. The lady related to me that this litter was born January 29th, 2016 and apparently many died and Steve had placed the remaining puppies with the Veterans group in Anchorage or Wasilla, because they looked like golden retrievers or another type of dog.

She was waiting on getting her puppy from the litter just born June 6th, 2016 that was from another sire and dam, Vinny and Mia! Remember the litter I was expecting was born June 6th, 2016 and they all died. The stories intertwined but the details were sketchy.

Now if the female that was to have my litter had a litter in January, she could not have recovered to be re-bred in April, and then have another litter in June on the same date at Vinny and Mia's litter! Further more, Steve had told me that he just had bred Vinny and Mia and he offered me a puppy from this breeding because he felt so badly my puppy had died. He even had the audacity to say you are my best friend (does a best friend lie and tell all these stories?)

Obviously he was lying about my litter, might have been lying about Mia and Vinny's litter. However I wanted a puppy out of the female I had sent
Steve in 2010, and he did not have that specific puppy that I wanted and agreed to take and pay for.

Steve would not call me and still won't, he doesn't answer his phone, He has my $1200 dollars and shows no signs of returning my money to me. My advice to anyone who wants a Bouvier is to not consider this breeder. If he will lie to someone he percieves a friend, imagine what he can do to YOU!!!!

He plays on your emotions, and your need to see good in people. He fills you with the idea you are getting a great puppy and then takes your money and does not refund you.

The lady that is waiting for a puppy related to me that she was impressed with the fact that Steve's Grandchildren played with his dogs. In the nine years I have known Steve he has never mentioned children let alone Grandchildren. He takes his dogs to local stores to socialize them.

Remember his Name Steve Bowerman, Cassiopeia Bouviers, and his wife Jani or Janell. He lives in Alaska but claims he is moving to the lower 48 to Arkansas or so he says.

Addition to the story:
Steve's Name is:

Stephen D. Bowerman
E. Crane Road
Wasilla Alaska

He often goes to Lowes, Home depot and Walmart to Market and sell his dogs. This interaction he has with shoppers is meant to make people see how great a Bouvier is. However the follow through that we are experiencing puts a bad name on Breeders! He buys his males from Elaine Paquette of Quiche Kennels.

He has taken our money and others money and has NOT made good on his promise to send a puppy in the pedigree requested or the time frame expected. He has taken money from us and has not returned it.

Update for Stephen D Bowerman
Cassiopeia Bouvier SAGA

UPDATE 8-31-2016

Steve has taken money not from just five but seven of us! The Grand total of money we can identify is now up to $10,950.00 dollars. We have learned a new angle he bought a puppy female from Quiche Kennels and offered two people (maybe more) to buy in to and invest in this dog. He was asking 5000.00 to be a part of this scheme.


Update 1-28-2017

The American Bouvier des Flandres Club finds Stephen D Bowerman guilty of these Areas in the code of Ethics
1 General and V advertising. He has been suspended from the club and loses his breeder of merit status as well. (while we feel he should have been permanently removed we have at least put him on notice that any more thefts and he will be called out for his behavior!)

Two of his victims sued and the suits were found in the victims favor.

Pay pal gave one victim his money back but will not give a victim her money since they shut down his ability to use the service.

This victim still has not gotten her money back ($1200) nor has the victim in the upper north east ($2700) the lady in Alaska has not recieved t he money he "borrowed" from her ($2000) and the other lady has ($750) still missing.

if you were or are a victim of this breeder please contact us with proof of your circumstances.

Too be continued. . . . .

Steve's other story on a Lawyers website. . . .

If you can't find the link note the cached website story below. . . ..

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