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Bajoron is proud of the dogs that we have produced and are pulling carts, pulling sleds and participating in weight pulling. we invite each participant to send in photos of their dogs in action. Below are two of our dogs who enjoy this sport.

Sled pulling doesn't have to be on snow it can be with wheels on land.

Weight pulling is a very taxing activity for a dog and the dog must be gradually excercised to build muscle for this sport or you can strain and injure a dog easily. Some pit bulls can pull as much as 2000 pounds!

Carting is the most fun with a cart and the handler walking along side to steady and work as a team. There is a carting title that you can obtain through NAWBA. Rules and regulations for this controlled activity can be found on that web site.

Remy, Bajorons Boom Boom Out Go The lighs winning in style!!!!
Remy with his new cart and a devoted human set out on a quest to get their carting title. They recieved their novice carting award and in extreme heat! No one can stop this hotter than hot team of Lisa and Remy!
Chadiche with the Bajoron Cart
Chadiche sports a cart made by Bajoron and used on many of our outings when we use a cart for recreation and for training.
Remy and his cart
Remy was introduced to the cart only one other day and he is a natural.!
luka being hooked up

Much like the Bajoron harness the harness used at the Purina games is padded and has is an x over to distribute weight on the dogs shoulders and back.

Fleece diminishes the pulling of he harness on the coat and the dog.


luka pulling the sled

This large device is called a sled. A dog has to be used to the harness before you can actually hook them up to the sled, cart, or weight pulling sled. You can ruin and spook a dog if you go too fast.

However many of our dogs are introduced and are pulling in one day.

A dog that is spooked will show this immediately and that dog needs lots of time to get used to the feel of the equipment and the weight of the cart and the sled.

pulling for a bouvier is great fun! To get a dog used to pulling weight and so it doesn't chase them a tire or some other safe heavy object can be attached to the harness to get the dog accustomed to pulling and the weight being constant.
Chadiche proud of his cart Chadiche is so relaxed he rests his head in between commands. A good dog waits for the command to pull and will not spook or run away with the cart. Chadiche is a natural as is his son Luka in the other photos.
happy after a long day of work and funA long day of fun is celebrated in this photo! getting ready to pull

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