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Why choose Bajorons?
We have a track record that speaks for itself. The puppies are raised as our own and come to you with every all the advantage available. We know how to choose a dog for you, reference our endorsements! These dogs are our passion. Our judgement is not clouded by a need to win in the show ring, but our choices are guided by a need to please our buyers and put forth a dog that speaks well for the Bajoron Name! Picking a dog for you is not something that is foreign to us. Our process involves years of knowledge that can't be duplicated because you show or do performance events. Choosing a dog is an art that we have possessed since the second litter we produced. (see how we choose a litter for you on the puppy page).

Our practices are proudly stated on our website and this has opened up other sites to copy our words and intentions. Don't be confused it takes more than words to produce a good puppy that speaks well for the breed. Simply having a litter a year or having been in the breed for a few years doesn't give a person enough to base good sound choices on. It is a life long process. Unfortunately or fortunately we are "THAT" age and have those experience years that set our foundation. We feel honored to be so lucky.

play date
In the 70s
How Bajoron got started: Bajorons began owning Bouviers about 38 years ago. Originally Bouviers were trained for friends in the mid 1970s. Those Bouviers were the foundation!That was over 40 years ago! With each dog, The process became more involved. "Bouviers are like potato chips, you can't have just one". Bajorons passion has grown. With help you can begin your trek into Bouviers. It is one that you will not forget.
An original Bajoron Quote! We have seen it used in many other venues!
Dogs: Bajoron dogs are intelligent, and considered good natured "Working dogs". We raise dogs to be vigilant and helpful to you as a security measure for you and your family. A protective friend that becomes a member of the family much like an officer brings his police dog home, Bajorons Bouviers will alert you to any problem that is stirring and can be the best security system ever. Some of Bajorons dogs are living on farms herding and some are even considered assistance dogs for people with dissabilities. A good well rounded Bouvier has in it's DNA the ability to be their humans best partner. Bajoron dogs are just that!

Many breeders have seen the statement about how Bajoron researchs, and have "copied" this statement in thier ads in an attempt to sell puppies.. Ask them what are the common denominators that make a pedigree good or bad? Then call Bajorons, and ask. There is real data and collected evidence. Bajorons purpose is not to sell dogs, but to breed healthy dogs that will not possess the genes that pass on illness. It is important for peace of mind and the breed! You will see our words on others pages, these copied phrases and ideas are easy to write but difficult to carry out. Our commitment to the breed can only be experienced first hand and our buyers are more than willing to discuss their time with us and and what we have done for them. Don't hesitate to ask for a person to speak with you about our Process and who we are!
Our family: The dogs in general are a family affair. While Bajoron is guided primarily by Greg, Veterinarian Daughter and her sister. Mom helps out. Various friends and relatives come to our home. The dogs are a family affair.

Bajoron dogs spend their days with in the house lounging. They go to shows, they walk the neighborhood, play in the yard, and roughhouse in the living room. Bajoron works very hard to find that perfect dog within the litter for you!
While our dogs are socialized the people socializing must be cleared of possible problems with disease and other animals. You see there are some very bad illnesses out there as of early 2014 that are taking entire litters and the news is alarming and can be devastating to a new buyer that their puppy has died. We don't take chances with your new baby. While it sounds good to have a large family padding about the puppies, this can bring in problems that a parent can't control. We wait till all puppies have shots before anyone can visit their baby. It is very important to us and to the litters we produce to keep them safe.

How often do we have dogs?: We try to have three litters a year. Sometimes we breed with friends dogs that we see are nice and have a great health record, background and possess the structure and temperament to be bred. Matings are orchestrated using Bajoron dogs or outside sires or dams. Bajorons generally has 2-3 litters a year and is considered a small hobby kennel, that produces dogs for security which falls under "working dogs". That does not mean our dogs are not easy going and great with kids, they are!


Our purpose: Bajorons strives to produce a dog that is physically beautiful, has an even temperament that is easy to train and live with, a healthy dog that comes from clean bloodlines. . . . essentially a dog that you can live with and trust as it does it's job. Bajoron wants to be considered by you as an excellent breeder that was everything you hoped for! Not many breeders will go out on a line and tell you what lines are not a good choice. We have lived a mistake and immediately suspended use of that line.

Many breeders have the desire to win in the show ring and throw caution to the wind when pickign a sire or dam. Winning is not important if it means compromising on the Health that is behind the dogs chosen.

Likewise there are kennels that see the opportunity to make money off of the public. They breed their dogs, and have NO IDEA what is behind their dogs in health or background. We study the pedigree and know why we choose our sires and dams. We know what others are using and keep a record of what is produced and when.

When you see an inexpensive dog, it is good to wonder why? Corners cut can take a its tole on a puppy and the ability to produce that spectacular dog for you to live with. Good choices make good dogs and bad choices can be a disaster!


Shipping: While dogs have shipped in the past. It is preferred, someone who cares for the dogs meet you, and for you to meet Bajorons. Bajorons chooses your dog for you, but when the time comes to pick up a face to face meeting is the best. There is great pride in these dogs shipping is not the favored way to dellver your puppy if at all possible!
Bajorons looks forward to a call or email from you!
Bajoron Bouvier des Flandres!
while the email says Lynn expect the email to be from Greg (AT&T's fault!)

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